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Can I use regular studs instead of pressure treated studs if I want to

If your house is frame construction, it& 39;s not built with pressure treated studs. the bottom plate of the wall be of pressure treated lumber certified for ground contact. Yes, provided you have it raised off the ground on blocks or other foundation.


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If concrete is poored around a pressure treated post, will it rot

The acid in the concrete does counteract the preservative in the wood, but this can& 39;t be helped. The best thing to do is to slope the concrete away from the post so

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Wood foundations are durable if engineered properly and assembled correctly, using foundation grade pressure treated wood and corrosion-resistant fasteners.

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Overall, the framed structure sits most commonly atop a concrete foundation on pressure treated wood & 39;sill& 39;, or & 39;beam& 39;. When on concrete, the sill plate is anchored, usually with embedded & 39;J& 39; bolts into the concrete substrate of the foundation wall. Generally these plates must be pressure treated to keep from rotting from condensing moisture.

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Sep 2, 20 5 But wood foundations do have their advantages. For example, it might be cheaper to build a wood foundation in certain areas, depending on how

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Energy density charts for wood fuels tend to use air dried wood as their reference, thus oven dried or 0% moisture content can reflect 103.4% energy content. Combustion edit When green wood is used as fuel in appliances, it releases less heat per unit of measure usually cords 1 2 or tons because of the heat consumed to evaporate the moisture.

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By: Inspector Weeks 6 3.290.3697. I have always been curious about homes in Chelsea built with a pressure treated wood foundation. What are the Pros and

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8 Oct 20 7 In layman& 39;s terms, the basement walls are made of pressure treated lumber, but not the floor that& 39;s made of concrete . This is easily the most


The vast majority of older pressure-treated wood was treated with CCA. CCA lumber is still in widespread use in many countries, and was heavily used during the latter half of the 20th century as a structural and outdoor building material .

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Pressure treated wood however is treated with chemicals which have been known to be toxic. It seems tangential to start talking about the health hazards and potential symptoms of pressure treated wood, especially since the web site the paragraph cites says some treated wood in the US might be toxic.

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The site includes the 26-acre property of the former wood preserving facility and over 60 acres of nearby neighborhoods 1 4 . The facility was in operation from 1942 until 1982, then abandoned by the owner in 1991 4 . During its operation, ETC treated utility poles, foundation pilings, and lumber with creosote and pentachlorophenol 6 .

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Wood foundations are durable if engineered properly and assembled correctly, using foundation grade pressure treated wood and corrosion-resistant fasteners.

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7 Sep 20 6 In case you didn& 39;t know; accelerated laboratory testing of modern pressure treated materials indi es a lifetime of over 00 years with no

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9 Sep 20 7 The foundation appears to be in good condition. Is this a so-called Permanent Wood Foundation, built with pressure-treated lumber rated for

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30 Nov 20 0 When I find signs of moisture intrusion at a wood foundation, it means the water management system has failed, and the repairs will probably be