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Canberra-class landing helicopter dock

Flight deck with 13 degree ski-jump, 6 in-line deck landing spots The Canberra class is a ship class of two landing helicopter dock LHD ships built for the Royal Australian Navy RAN . Planning to upgrade the navy& 39;s amphibious fleet began in 2000, based on Australian experiences leading the International Force for East Timor peacekeeping operation.

Mabey Logistic Support Bridge

Ramps —The slope or profile of the ramps can be adjusted to allow for the passage of a range of civilian and military traffic. The length of a standard ramp at each end of the bridge is 13.5m. The ramps are bolted to the grillages and use standard deck units supported on special transoms. These transoms can be positioned at a variety of heights depending upon the set adopted with a special .

Pontoon bridge

The sides and bow of the half-ponton sloped inward, permitting two or more to be nested for transporting or storing. A treadway bridge could be built of floating spans or fixed spans. An M2 treadway bridge was designed to carry artillery, heavy duty trucks, and medium tanks up to 40 short tons 36 t .

Casemate ironclad

For example, the later 6 inches 15 cm Confederate WPC, sloped at 35 degrees, resulted in a 22 percent increase of effective horizontal WPC thickness at 7.33 inches 18.6 cm . However, increasing the slope came at a cost as it meant adding more WPC and heavier structural support – and thus more weight – to the casemate, while maintaining the original WPC thickness. WPC was also .

Confederate States Navy

The decks were rebuilt using thick oak and pine planking, and the upper deck was overlaid with two courses of heavy iron plate. The newly rebuilt superstructure was unusual: above the waterline, the sides sloped inward and were covered with two layers of heavy iron-plate WPC. The vessel was a new kind of warship, an all-steam powered 'iron-clad'.

Oil platform

The world& 39;s deepest oil platform is the floating Perdido, which is a spar platform in the Gulf of Mexico in a water depth of 2,450 metres 8,040 ft . Non-floating compliant towers and fixed platforms, by water depth: Petronius Platform, 535 m 1,755 ft Baldpate Platform, 502 m 1,647 ft Troll A Platform, 472 m 1,549 ft

Metacentric height

Stable floating objects have a natural rolling frequency, just like a weight on a spring, where the frequency is increased as the spring gets stiffer. In a boat, the equivalent of the spring stiffness is the distance called 'GM' or 'metacentric height', being the distance between two points: 'G' the centre of gravity of the boat and 'M', which is a point called the metacentre.

Oil tanker

These floating units reduce oil production costs and offer mobility, large storage capacity, and production versatility. 113 FPSO and FSOs are often created out of old, stripped-down oil tankers, but can be made from new-built hulls 113 Shell España first used a tanker as an FPSO in August 1977. 114

Building a Floating Deck on Uneven Ground My first Deck Build

May 28, 2020 Finally took some time during quarantine to complete a much needed deck rebuild to accompany our shed. This is a floating style 8 x 2 deck

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20 Jul 2020 Can this deck be built on uneven ground or a small slope from the patio doors being highest ground? Reply. Ashley says. May , 2020 at 0:40

List of longest wooden ships

The ship was well preserved and recovered relatively intact in 1961. She is now in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Her sparred length is estimated at 69 meters, but her measured deck length between perpendiculars is 47.5 meters 155.8 ft . 67.97 m 233 ft 11.95 m 39.2 ft Joseph H. Scammell: 1884–1891 wrecked

Elevated Deck - Contemporary - Deck - San Diego - by Dagan

Custom free standing deck in back yard. Built into a slight slope in the yard. Elevated just enough to retain all the views. Constructed of kiln dried 2x6.


PD-50 Russian: ПД-50 , Soviet designation Project 7454, was a Russian large floating dry dock built at the Götaverken Arendal shipyard in Gothenburg, Sweden and commissioned in 1980s. At the time, it was the world& 39;s largest floating dry dock and used primarily to service the ships and submarines of the Northern Fleet .

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Apr 27, 20 7 - This DIY floating deck rescued a neglected backyard that was nearly unusable. Follow along to see how this gorgeous outdoor space was built.

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Jun 3, 20 6 - On Cottage Life TV& 39;s Decks, Docks and Gazebos host Jason Lake takes Wheel Float Dock System Float Drum Distributed by Tommy Docks-WF- 8 - The Lake DockBoat DockCottage PorchGarden CottageLakeside BeachLakeside LivingSweden Paths for slopes are a great way to liven up your garden

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See more ideas about Architecture, Houses on slopes, Architecture design. Inhabiting: Access deck and housing unit. pezo von ellrichshausen& 39;s & 39;casa pezo& 39; for solo houses is complete; floating above the dense forest, Prästgården housing by Arkitema Architects in Gustavsberg, Sweden, with blackened wood

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marina hosts one of the area& 39;s biggest floating boat shows and over. 40 sailing regattas from Marinetek factories in Finland, Sweden and Latvia. Production started in decks, Seaflex mooring, Rolec power pedestals, curved main spines slopes of Mt. Meliton and the blue waters of the Toroneos Gulf and has access to a

Deepwater drilling

Spar Platform - Spar Platforms use a large cylinder to support the floating deck from the sea floor. On average, about 90% of the Spar Platform& 39;s structure is underwater. Most Spar Platforms are used up to depths of 1 kilometer 3,000 feet , but new technology can extend them to function up to 3,500 meters 11,500 feet below the surface. That makes it one of the deepest drilling rigs in use .

Building a Floating Deck on Uneven Ground My first Deck Build

28 May 2020 Finally took some time during quarantine to complete a much needed deck rebuild to accompany our shed. This is a floating style 8 x 2 deck