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Pet door

Pet doors are most often fitted in a plywood or plastic paneled door, into which it is strhtforward to cut a large round hole, but can also be fitted in brickwork or if a sealed unit is obtained with the hole already provided in a double glazed door. The latter is a relatively expensive option but may be the only alternative in some cases. Removable pet doors suitable for

Spontaneous glass breakage

ASTM E 2431 -- Practice for Determining the Resistance of Single Glazed Annealed Architectural Flat Glass to Thermal Loadings. ASTM E1300 -- Standard Design Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings. This page was last edited on 31 Ma .

Insulated glazing

The glass panels in double-glazed windows transmit heat in both directions by radiation, through the glazing by conduction and across the gap between the panes by convection, by conduction through the frame, and by infiltration around the perimeter seals and the frame& 39;s seal to the building. The actual rates will vary with the conditions throughout the year, and while solar gain may be much .

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Plus, the cost of double glazing has reduced dramatically since they were first introduced in the not so distant past. They& 39;re much sturdier than single-pane doors,

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Anglian double-glazed doors are secure, durable and energy efficient. You& 39;ll find the perfect new door for your house available as French, bi-fold, patio, front

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REHAU offer a range of energy efficient double glazed doors using the latest uPVC technology - including patio doors, French doors, sliding doors, multi-fold

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Double glazed doors in Peterborough, Market Deeping, Stamford, Yaxley, Thrapston, Oundle and Corby, including uPVC doors, front doors, back doors, bi-fold

Beveled glass

Beveled glass is usually made by taking thick glass and creating an angled surface cut around the entire periphery. Bevels act as prisms in sunlight creating an interesting color diffraction which both highlights the glass work and provides a spectrum of colors which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.

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Patio Door I am amazed how many windows I got out of the patio door kit, I just thought This is really good stuff works well when double glazing dose not.

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Anglian Windows Limited, trading as Anglian Home Improvements, is a British home improvements firm specialising in double glazing and conservatories.However, over the last fifty years, the Anglian product portfolio has expanded to include front and back doors, porches, orangeries, garage doors, roof trim, bi-fold doors, single extensions

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Am having double glazing installed and having satin glass put in the bathroom window as I& 39;m told it& 39;s the best privacy glass to use. The installer

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High quality uPVC doors, composite doors, french doors and exterior front and back doors in a wide choice of designs and styles, all double glazed.

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But do I really want to risk ruining it before I& 39;ve even used it? prev Double Glazed Door ? next Transporting A Fridge/freezer. Your Answer.

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I have just moved to a house which has UPVC fascias. I need to fix a fly screen to the back door. How do I do this? I am wary of fixing to plastic

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Has anyone any advice as to where I may buy a good loud door bell? Is it possible to change the orientation of the openings in double glazed units that have

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Pocket door

A pocket door is a sliding door that, when fully open, disappears into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, or when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door. They can travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track or tracks or guides along the floor. Single- and double-door versions are .

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It became one of the first companies in the market of double glazing. In what became a very fragmented market, 3 with over 3,000 companies, 1 the company grew to become the second biggest in the UK market by sales 1 and turnover 3 with 2.5% of the market £165m sales by 2009, 1 later rising to 3%.

Safestyle UK

In 1996 the company expanded and set up a new division, Windowstyle, which manufactures Safestyle’s double glazed PVCu windows and doors in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The company has invested more than £6.5 million in Windowstyle to date, including £2.5 million worth of state-of-the-art glass toughening and processing machinery.

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Double glazed doors are constructed with two panes of strong glass to increase security and ensure your home loses less heat. The two glass panes are

Glazing window

Glazing can be mounted on the surface of a window sash or door stile, usually made of wood, aluminium or PVC. The glass is fixed into a rabbet rebate in the frame in a number of ways including triangular glazing points, putty , etc. Toughened and laminated glass can be glazed by bolting panes directly to a metal framework by bolts passing through drilled holes.

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8 May 20 9 The double glazed doors consist of a frame in which two panes of glass are fitted, forming a small gap between the panes. The width of this gap

Double-skin facade

The double-skin facade is a system of building consisting of two skins, or facades, placed in such a way that air flows in the intermediate cavity. The ventilation of the cavity can be natural, fan supported or mechanical. Apart from the type of the ventilation inside the cavity, the origin and destination of the air can differ depending mostly on climatic conditions, the use, the location .

Double Door

Double Door Double Door, a concert hall and nightclub, was located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, United States. The venue was first opened on June 12, 1994, and was co-owned by Andrew Barrett, Sean Mulroney and Joe Shanahan.

Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme

The Double Glazing and Conservatory Industry in the UK is large, with 14,000 window, door and conservatory companies operating. 3 An investigation by consumer magazine Which? indicated that the UK& 39;s double glazing industry had a lack of transparency regarding prices, acknowledging the importance of the industry ensuring that all traders were reputable.