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Liver, spleen, and pancreas injury in children with blunt abdominal

Jun 8, 2020 This topic will review the diagnosis and management of liver, spleen, and and stabilization" and "Hollow viscus blunt abdominal trauma in children". Solid organ injuries are common in children who sustain major trauma;

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If you could see the spleen, it looks purple and squishy. It& 39;s considered a solid organ, meaning it& 39;s not hollow like a bladder or a stomach. Its consistency is more

Safety of selective nonoperative management for blunt splenic

27 Nov 20 8 We grouped and compared patients sustaining solitary splenic injuries solid organ intra-abdominal kidney, liver, pancreas , hollow organ

Solid and hollow abdominal viscera Radiology Reference Article

The solid abdominal viscera singular: viscus is a collective term for those that are primarily solid in nature, namely the liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenals, and

Percussion medicine

There are four types of percussion sounds: resonant, hyper-resonant, stony dull or dull. A dull sound indicates the presence of a solid mass under the surface. A more resonant sound indicates hollow, air-containing structures. As well as producing different notes which can be heard they also produce different sensations in the pleximeter finger.

Fine-needle aspiration

Fine-needle aspiration FNA is a diagnostic procedure used to investigate lumps or masses.In this technique, a thin 23–25 gauge 0.52 to 0.64 mm outer diameter , hollow needle is inserted into the mass for sampling of cells that, after being stained, are examined under a microscope .

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of blunt abdominal trauma; Solid organs are injured more frequently than hollow Owing to the smaller size of the intrathoracic abdomen, the spleen and liver

Renal ultrasonography

Using the Seldinger technique, the cavity is punctured with a sharp hollow needle, called a trocar. A round-tipped guidewire is then advanced through the lumen of the trocar, and after withdal of the trocar, a catheter or nephrostomy can be inserted over the guidewire to ensure correct placement. The one-step technique is when insertion of the drain or nephrostomy is done without the aid of .

Solid and hollow abdominal viscera Radiology Reference Article

that are primarily solid in nature, namely the liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenals, and kidneys. It is used in contradistinction to the hollow abdominal viscera,

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Jun 2, 20 8 Solid Organs are the liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and the heart. Being solid, they do not contract as actively as the hollow organs. Since & 39;less

Nonoperative treatment of blunt injury to solid abdominal organs: A

HypothesisNonoperative management nom of injuries to the liver, spleen, or ct findings suspicious for hollow visceral injury, only to have a nontherapeutic

Liver scratch test

The liver scratch test is a type of auscultatory percussion that uses the difference in sound transmission between solid and hollow organs in the abdominal cavity in order to locate the inferior edge of the liver.

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Abdominal trauma is an injury to the abdomen. Signs and symptoms include abdominal pain, Injury to the lower chest may cause splenic or liver injuries. Hollow organs such as the stomach, while not as likely to result in shock from profuse cause of massive bleeding in blunt abdominal trauma to a solid organ. Spleen

Human digestive system

The gallbladder is a hollow part of the biliary tract that sits just beneath the liver, with the gallbladder body resting in a small depression. It is a small organ where the bile produced by the liver is stored, before being released into the small intestine. Bile flows from the liver through the bile ducts and into the gall bladder for storage.


The skull of the snake consists of a solid and complete neurocranium, to which many of the other bones are only loosely attached, particularly the highly mobile jaw bones, which facilitate manipulation and ingestion of large prey items. The left and right sides of the lower jaw are joined only by a flexible ligament at the anterior tips, allowing them to separate widely, while the posterior .

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A direct blow from blunt trauma can lead to solid organ rupture and visceral The non-operative management of splenic injuries in blunt abdominal trauma has Delay in diagnosis and treatment of hollow viscus injury leads to an increase in

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damage in the spleen, liver, mesenterium, and small intestines, respectively. 8 ences in intra-abdominal solid and hollow organ damage were checked in

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In blunt trauma, solid organs are more commonly involved in comparison to penetrating injuries. Hollow viscus injury. Lap belt or seat belts in Like spleen, blunt abdomen trauma is the commonest mode of injury for liver as well. Posterior

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Abdominal injuries are classified by the organs that are injured. Solid organs are organs such as the liver and spleen and are the most commonly injured organs

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Sep 20 2 abdominal solid organ, hollow organ, Spleen. – Stomach. 5. Abdomen has many vascular structures filled, gas filled, solid, or hollow . 3.

San Jiao

For instance, the heart is considered a solid organ, and the small intestine its hollow counterpart, or Fu organ. San Jiao is believed to be a body cavity of some kind which has the ability to influence other organs, and overall health, mainly through the free movement of Qi , the fundamental energy or life force.

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The abdomen contains both solid and hollow organs. The liver and spleen are the most common abdominal organs injured. Solid organ injuries result in

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Abdominal wall. Solid organs that is, the liver, spleen, pancreas, or kidneys . Hollow organs that is, the stomach, small intestine, colon, ureters, or bladder .

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Distension of hollow organs has also been employed in multiple models of of the walls of hollow viscera, the capsule of a solid organ liver, spleen, kidney ,

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4 Sep 20 9 organs most affected are : spleen > liver > small and large intestine Doesn& 39;t look at solid organs, hollow viscus or retroperitoneal structures

Meridian Chinese medicine

There are '12 Principal Meridians' where each meridian corresponds to either a hollow or solid organ; interacting with it and extending along a particular extremity i.e. arm or leg . There are also 'Eight Extraordinary Channels', two of which have their own sets of points, and the remaining ones connecting points on other channels.

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The injury of both liver and spleen, high respiratory rate, high GCS and ISS, low RTS, polytraumatism, comorbid hollow organ injury, presence of multiple solid

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body contains both hollow and solid organs, all of which have important roles in digestion and other functions. Solid organs include the liver, spleen, kidneys,

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The abdominal cavity contains many solid as well as hollow organs: · The liver is the largest solid organ in the abdomen. It is a highly vascular organ that secretes

Visceral pain

Visceral pain is pain that results from the activation of nociceptors of the thoracic, pelvic, or abdominal viscera organs . Visceral structures are highly sensitive to distension stretch , ischemia and inflammation, but relatively insensitive to other stimuli that normally evoke pain such as cutting or burning.

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Yang Fu organs are typically hollow, whereas yin Zang organs are more solid. The Triple Burner corresponds perfectly with the connective tissue network, as exemplified by fascia; and the three Burners represent the fascial compartments of pleura-pericardium chest peritoneum abdomen and retroperitoneum pelvis .

Organ anatomy

A hollow organ is an internal organ that forms a hollow tube, or pouch such as the stomach, intestine, or bladder. In the study of anatomy, the term viscus refers to an internal organ. Viscera is the plural form. The number of organs in any organism depends on which precise definition of the term one uses. By one widely used definition, 79 .


The pancreas is an organ that in humans lies in the abdomen, stretching from behind the stomach to the left upper abdomen near the spleen.In adults, it is about 12–15 centimetres 4.7–5.9 in long, lobulated, and salmon-coloured in appearance.

Abdominal trauma

Spleen is the most common cause of massive bleeding in blunt abdominal trauma to a solid organ. Spleen is the most commonly injured organ. A laceration of the spleen may be associated with hematoma. Because of the spleen& 39;s ability to bleed profusely, a ruptured spleen can be life-threatening, resulting in shock.

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4 May 20 4 Blunt injuries causes solid organ trauma spleen, liver and kidneys more often than hollow viscera. Multi organ injury and multiple system