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manufacturers, and end product manufacturers often work together to Figure is a list of some wood-plastic composite products currently available in North.

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The Wood Plastic Composite WPC Information Center provides technical and guardrail systems, composite lumber, plastic lumber, wood based products,

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Acti-Tech compatibilizers add value to wood-plastic comsposites WPC solutions, significantly Wood-plastic composites WPCs have emerged in the polymers industry as a solution to use Get the newest information about our products.

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Wood-plastic composite WPC lumber has been marketed as a low-maintenance, high-durability product. Retail sales in the United States were slightly less


Geotextile-polymer core composites. A core in the form of a quasi-rigid plastic sheet, it can be extruded or deformed in such a way as to allow very large quantities of liquid to flow within its structure; it thus acts as a drainage core. The core must be protected by a geotextile, acting as a filter and separator, on one or both sides. Various .

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Composites, on the other hand, are less damage tolerant and undergo much less plastic deformation before failure. An airplane made entirely from aluminium can be repaired almost anywhere. This is not the case for composite materials, particularly as they use different and more exotic materials. Because of this, composites will probably always be used more in military aircraft, which are .

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The popularity and demand for wood plastic composites WPC has focused aid processing of the product and add color, dispersants and coupling agents,

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To improve the compatibility of these fibers to the polymer matrix, and to enhance the physical and biological attributes of the finished products, many additives