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The "apple pie" of the Allan Block family of retaining wall products brings a refined look of Style, Size, Units/Sq. Ft, Units/Pallet, Sq. Ft/Pallet, Weight/Pallet

Western Stone

This largest stone in the Western Wall is visible within the Western Wall Tunnel. It is one of the largest building blocks in the world . The stone& 39;s exposed face can be freely measured and is 13.55 metres 44.5 ft long and 3.3 metres 11 ft high, 1 but its width, or depth, is hidden within the wall.

Retaining wall

A basement wall is thus one kind of retaining wall. But the term usually refers to a cantilever retaining wall, which is a freestanding structure without lateral support at its top. 2 These are cantilevered from a footing and rise above the grade on one side to retain a higher level grade on the opposite side.

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It is easy to install, affordable and light weight. This block is designed for core fill and, like any gravity wall, can be used in retaining walls up to three feet.

Basic Red Retaining Wall Block Common: 4-in x 2-in; Actual: 4-in

Perfect for retaining walls, small garden beds, and planters. Trapezoidal shape allows design freedom and versatility. Back lip assists with alignment for easy

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know about MagnumStone& 39;s large interlocking concrete retaining wall blocks. Volume of Voids: 6.35 ft3 . 80 m3 ; Faces: Varies; Gravel Filled Weight: 2 50

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Strong and durable, yet easy to install, these retaining wall blocks are Retaining Walls are used for grade changes, and for other functional Weight: 52 lbs.

Yangan Masonic Hall

Perhaps the most significant change to the site involved the building in 1957 of a concrete retaining wall, stairs, and pillars with lights at the street entry adding even more weight to Yangan& 39;s unofficial title, the Temple with the Long Stairs. This effect was even further accentuated by council works undertaken about this time to King Street which saw the street become in effect split into .

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0 Apr 20 9 Gravity walls use their own weight to hold the soil behind them and are typically made with heavy materials such as stone, large concrete blocks,


Geofoam& 39;s light weight will reduce the lateral force on a retaining wall or abutment. It is important to install a draining system under the geofoam to prevent problems with built-up hydrostatic pressure or buoyancy .

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The Full Block has face dimensions of 6” X 48” and range from a depth of 24” to 84”, with resulting weights ranging from 400 to 4 00 pounds. Custom depths up

Dry stone

The weight of the stones resists the pressure from the retained soil, including any surcharges, and the friction between the stones causes most of them to act as if being a monolithic gravity wall of the same weight. Dry stone retaining walls were once built in great numbers for agricultural terracing and also to carry paths, roads and railways. Although dry stone is seldom used for these .


Hempcrete has been used in France since the early 1990s to construct non-weight bearing insulating infill walls, as hempcrete does not have the requisite strength for constructing foundation and is instead supported by the frame. Hempcrete was also used to renovate old buildings made of stone or lime.


Many limepits were sunken in the ground at a depth of between 2.5 and 5 meters and 3 to 4.5 meters in diameter, in a circular fashion, and some were built with a retaining wall along the inside for support, usually constructed of uncut field-stones. Simpler limepits were made without supportive walls. In the following account, Abu-Rabiʻa describes the practice of

Concrete masonry unit

Blocks with a channel on the end, known as 'jamb blocks', allow doors to be secured to wall assemblies. Blocks with grooved ends permit the construction of control joints, allowing a filler material to be anchored between the un-mortared block ends.

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Apr 25, 20 9 Learn how to build a retaining wall with retaining wall blocks. tiered retaining walls, set each tier back far enough to prevent the weight and