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Simple suspension bridge

However, simple suspension bridge designs were made largely obsolete by the 19th century invention and patent of the suspended deck bridge by James Finley. A late 18th century English painting of a bridge in Srinagar , then part of the Garhwal Kingdom , anticipates the invention of the suspended deck bridge.

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Jun 28, 20 6 Well, having a Card class or struct and a DeckOfCards class that acts as a specialized container is the right way to go as was mentioned in

Submarine aircraft carrier

The plans were reinvestigated in 1917 in the hope that they would increase the striking power of new German subs such as the long-range cruiser-type Unterseeboote, which were to be equipped with small scouting seaplanes that could be assembled and dismantled onboard and stored in special compartments on deck - but the idea was abandoned as the war came to an end.

Grand Staircase of the RMS Titanic

The small beaded crystal chandelier fixtures identified on the wreck only hung in the forward parts of the A and Boat Deck levels, the rest contained cut-glass shades. Each staircase was built in solid English oak , with each banister containing elaborate wrought iron grilles with ormolu swags in the Louis XIV style.

Armoured flight deck

A closed hangar design was the strongest structurally and made for a lighter hull and the RN carried this concept one step further and designed the armoured flight deck to also act as the strength deck without any underlying plating, thus achieving an armoured flight deck on the Seven Trustt possible displacement.

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Aug 9, 20 9 Here are 5 great examples of deck styles to get your wheels turning. We will You can build a deck as small as 6& 39;x 4′, so that you minimize Here& 39;s a simple design meant to make the transition from the door to the patio.

Junk ship

The reasoning is simple. Chinese mariners were as able as any and, had they needed a compass to navigate, they would have been aware of the almost random directional qualities when used at sea of the water bowl compass they used. Yet that design remained unchanged for some half a millennium. Western sailors, coming upon a similar water bowl design no evidence as to how has yet emerged very .

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My ideas on solution First, create an inverted index that tells you which decks contain each card. you only have to look for items from the usually small existing candidate list in the large list of items for the next card turned over. This is the basic idea of how a search engine works. Body. Add picture

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See his tweet and his slide deck. Here is a discussion on the python-ideas mailing list on adding records: mutable namedtuple see also recordclass ; bunch: add attribute access to dicts inspiration for SimpleNamedspace ; see as dc Problem: You want a simple container to hold personal data.

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5 & 39;Fixer Upper& 39; Decor Formulas That Are So Easy to Re-create – Rue Now. Here are five clean, clever, and awfully pretty design ideas that work for modern

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,093 Outdoor Small Patio, Porch, Deck Design Photos And Ideas Adrian Bueno and Yvette Leeper-Bueno sit on the simple platform porch that extends from.

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A deck is a popular and easy way to extend your living area to the outdoors. Check out these seven different deck ideas from Bunnings Warehouse. KitchenSee All; Kitchen Inspiration Small energy efficient LED lights set into the side of your deck or along the steps will add a touch of class and sophisti ion to any deck,


Brigs were used as small warships carrying about 10 to 18 guns. Due to their speed and maneuverability they were popular among pirates though they were rare among American and Caribbean pirates . 4 8 While their use stretches back before the 17th century, one of the most famous periods for the brig was during the 19th century when they were involved in famous naval battles such as the .

Marine steam engine

A simple-expansion engine is a steam engine that expands the steam through only one stage, which is to say, all its cylinders are operated at the same pressure. Since this was by far the most common type of engine in the early period of marine engine development, the term 'simple expansion' is rarely encountered. An engine is assumed to be simple-expansion unless otherwise stated.


This is because Intel was the contractor in charge of developing the Datapoint& 39;s CPU, but ultimately CTC rejected the 8008 design because it needed 20 support chips. Another early system, the Kenbak-1, was released in 1971. Like the Datapoint 2200, it used small-scale integrated transistor–transistor logic instead of a microprocessor. It was .

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Jun 8, 20 9 <strong class="mr-auto">Bootstrap</strong> <small class="text-muted"> Hawking"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css"> <link rel="shortcut icon" workng on</p> <hr class="my-4"> <div class="card-deck"> <div class="card Here is an


The Hallen derrick has a good purpose for e.g. containers, logs, steel rail, sawn timber and heavy lifts and doesn& 39;t lend itself for small, general cargo. It keeps the deck clear of guy ropes and preventors. Only one winchman is needed and within a few minutes the Hallen is brought into use. It is less expensive than a crane. A disadvantage is the low working range of the Hallen Derrick, it is .

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Whatever its dimensions—expansive or small, narrow or wide—a deck is the ideal Make use of every inch of your deck with these space-smart ideas for building, One simple fix is to incorporate transitions, such as patio pavers and plants,

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The simplest definition I can give for Big-O notation is this: origin" or "what happens when the problem size is small" : the function 0x² is said to Image credit and license per Wikipedia/Wikimedia commons "complete adjacency matrix Big O comes in and says: for a deck of n cards, to sort it this way will be done in O N

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where you will find several small projects that do deck of cards with features usually on DeckPicker: A complete android anki droid project with some additional for the case you prefer to implement it from scratch, then take simple steps, A fullscreen image slider would fit the bill, which would comprise the activity for

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Photo via Long Island Hot Tub For those who have a small space to work with, a simple deck around the hot tub Photo via Charles Hugo Landscape Design.

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Deck Design Pictures. Pictures; Deck Design Pictures. Ground Level Deck, Bbq, Fire Pit, Flagstone Deck Design Stock and Hill Landscapes · Deck Lighting, Step

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Jun 9, 20 8 - small deck ideas porch design,small deck ideas on a budget,small designs mesmerizing and welcoming small front porch design ideas 3 simple.

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27 best simple deck ideas images building a deck backyard patio. 27 most creative small deck ideas making yours like never before don& 39;t let a pint-size yard

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This small deck utilizes all it& 39;s room with a small sitting and dining area and protective spa. Potted plants provide an easy visual transition to the surrounding

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For every two pictures there is exactly one card that has both of them. can create one additional card, which simply consists of all the 8 slope symbols. Just for experimenting a bit i wrote a small Haskell program to calculate valid card sets: Others have described the general framework for the design finite projective


A loupe / ˈ l uː p / LOOP is a simple, small magnification device used to see small details more closely. Unlike a magnifying glass, a loupe does not have an attached handle, and its focusing lens es are contained in an opaque cylinder or cone or fold into an enclosing housing that protects the lenses when not in use.


Topology ignores bending, so a small piece of a circle is treated exactly the same as a small piece of a line. Consider, for instance, the top part of the unit circle, x 2 y 2 = 1, where the y-coordinate is positive indicated by the yellow circular arc in Figure 1 . Any point of this arc can be uniquely described by its x-coordinate.