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The sight radius for the FAL 50.00 and FAL 50.41 models is 553 mm 21.8 in and for the 50.61 and FAL 50.63 models 549 mm 21.6 in . FAL rifles have also been manufactured in both light and heavy-barrel configurations, with the heavy barrel intended for automatic fire as a section or squad light support weapon.

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Lublin R-XIII

The observer had a 7.92 mm Vickers machine gun on a ring mounting rarely, 2 machine guns . A 9-cylinder air-cooled radial engine Wright Whirlwind J-5 produced in Poland with 162 kW 220 hp nominal power and 176 kW 240 hp take-off power on 22 aircraft R-XIIIF, 250 kW 340 hp engine Skoda G-1620A Mors-I .

Tiger I

The VK 36.01 H was intended to weigh 40 tonnes, with 100 mm 4 in of armour on front surfaces, 80 mm on turret sides and 60 mm on the hull sides. The VK 36.01 H was intended to carry a 7.5 cm L/24, or a 7.5 cm L/43, or a 7.5 cm L/70, or a 12.8 cm L/28 cannon in a Krupp turret that looked similar to an enlarged Panzer IV Ausf. C turret. The hull for one prototype was built, followed later .

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Henschel Hs 129

2 x 7.92 mm 0.31 in MG 17 machine guns, later models from 1943 to 1944 replaced the MG 17s with 2 x 13 mm .51 in MG 131 machine guns 2 x 20 mm MG 151/20 cannon or a 30 mm 1.181 in MK 101 cannon or MK 103 cannon in a conformally mounted gun pod B-2/R-2 .

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Tawny eagle

The tail length of both sexes in A. r. rapax measures 245 to 295 mm 9.6 to 11.6 in with a tarsus length of 79 to 92 mm 3.1 to 3.6 in . Body mass can range roughly from 1.6 to 3.1 kg 3.5 to 6.8 lb in overall samples of at least 36 eagles.

Albatros J.I

The sides and bottom were 5 mm thick chrome nickel steel plate that was bolted to the wood frame. Power was provided by the 150 kW 200 hp Benz Bz.IV, which gave marginal performance when combined with the heavy J.I airframe. The fixed 7.92 mm .312 in machine guns fired downward to facilitate strafing ground targets.

7.92×57mm Mauser

The 7.92×57mm Mauser designated as the 8mm Mauser or 8×57mm by the SAAMI and 8 × 57 IS by the C.I.P. is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge.The 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge was adopted by the German Empire in 1903–1905, and was the German service cartridge in both World Wars.

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Panzerbüchse 39

It used a specifically designed cartridge with a standard caliber of 7.9 mm, but a very large 94 mm long case nominal 7.92×94mm . 3 also known as the '7.92 x 94 Patronen '. Dug in soldiers with the Panzerbüchse 39 deployed on the Eastern Front .

Bottom bracket

35 mm x 1 mm Left-hand thread drive side 34.6–34.9 mm 1.36–1.37 in 68 mm 2.7 in 33.6–33.9 mm 1.32–1.33 in Chater-Lea uncommon/older vintage 1.450 in x 26 tpi Left-hand thread drive side Oversized 64 mm 2.5 in 35.8 mm 1.41 in Whitworth Raleigh 3-speeds Raleigh road frames except Super Course 1-3/8 in x 26 tpi

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Banknotes of the rupiah

180 x 92 mm Orange and red Great argus displaying 2500AA0000 UNISSUED SPECIMEN ONLY These images are to scale at 0.7 pixel per millimetre. For table standards, see the banknote specification table. 1960–1961: Government banknotes. A new design for the .

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Yverdon-les-Bains has an average of 118.4 days of rain or snow per year and on average receives 893 mm 35.2 in of precipitation. The wettest month is June during which time Yverdon-les-Bains receives an average of 92 mm 3.6 in of rain or snow. During this month there is precipitation for an average of 11.2 days. The month with the most days of precipitation is May, with an average of 11.4 .

Karabiner 98k

The G40k with a total length of 1,000 mm 39.37 in and a barrel length of 490 mm 19.29 in and 3.2 kg 7.1 lb weight was a shortened experimental version of the Karabiner 98k. 7 20 The rear tangent sight of the G40k was graduated for s.S. Patrone cartridges from 100 m to 1000 m in 100 m increments.

Zeppelin-Lindau D.I

The Zeppelin D.I, or Zeppelin-Lindau D.I or Zeppelin D.I Do as named in German documents , also sometimes referred to postwar as the Dornier D.I or Dornier-Zeppelin D.I, for the designer, was a single-seat all-metal stressed skin monocoque cantilever-wing biplane fighter, developed by Claude Dornier while working for Luftschiffbau Zeppelin at their Lindau facility.

.303 British

The measurement .303-inch 7.70 mm is the nominal size of the bore measured between the lands which follows the older black powder nomenclature. Measured between the grooves, the nominal size of the bore is .311-inch 7.90 mm . Bores for many .303 military surplus rifles are often found ranging from around .309-inch 7.85 mm up to .318-inch 8.08 mm . Recommended bullet diameter for standard .