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List of National Treasures of Japan residences

The term 'National Treasure' has been used in Japan to denote cultural properties since 1897.The items are selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology based on their 'especially high historical or artistic value'.

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Japanese pagoda

A hōtō 宝塔, lit. jewel stupa is a pagoda consisting of four parts: a low foundation stone, a cylindrical body with a rounded top, a four-sided roof and a finial. Unlike the similar tahōtō see section below it has no enclosed pent roof mokoshi around its circular core. 5

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Pagoda of Fogong Temple

The Pagoda of Fogong Temple was built 85 km 53 mi south of the Liao Dynasty capital at Datong. The Gujin Tushu Jicheng encyclopedia published in 1725—written during the reigns of Kangxi and Yongzheng in the Qing—states that a different pagoda built between the years 936–943 stood previously at the site before the present one of 1056 was built.

Senate of Canada Building

The Senate of Canada Building French: édifice du Sénat du Canada is a building located at 2 Rideau Street in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that serves as the temporary seat of the Senate of Canada. The building includes the temporary Senate chamber, as well as some Senate offices and committee rooms. The building served as Ottawa& 39;s central railway station until 1966, and from 1966 to .

Pagoda of Chengtian Temple

History. The first pagoda was built during the infancy of Emperor Yizong of Western Xia r. 1048–1068 . The text of a commemorative stele marking its construction has been preserved, from which it is known that the Empress Dowager ordered the construction of a pagoda to protect the reign of her infant son, and as a reliquary for housing pieces of head bone of the Buddha.

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GWR pagoda platform shelter

Pagoda huts existed next to Weymouth Junction signalbox, and in Hagley station goods yard, neither was for passenger use. A Pagoda shelter was erected at right angles to the track next to the down platform at Festiniog , unsigned and painted black; 39 40 research continues into its purpose.

Fort George, Ontario

The fort, and its surrounding grounds are presently operated by Parks Canada as the Fort George National Historic Site of Canada. The national historic site includes the fort, as well as a visitor reception centre situated outside the fort. The historic site& 39;s visitor reception centre is situated outside the fort. West of the fort is the Commons, 80 hectares 200 acres of green space that .

Architecture of Indonesia

Previously timber and its by-products had been almost exclusively used in Indonesia, with the exception of some major religious and palace architecture. One of the first major Dutch settlements was Batavia later renamed Jakarta which in the 17th and 18th centuries was a fortified brick and masonry city.

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Architecture of the Song dynasty

Although the Pagoda of Fogong Temple is the tallest extant wooden pagoda, the tallest Chinese pagoda built in the dynastic era that remains standing is the Liaodi Pagoda. Completed in 1055, it is 84 meters 276 ft tall, with an octagonal base on a large platform, surpassing the 69-meter 226 ft Qianxun Pagoda , which had held the record since its construction in the 9th century by the .