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Tin ceiling

Tin is now fashionably used for art work, back splashes, cabinet faces, wainscoting and much more. For over 100 years the tin panel was made with nail rails around the outside of the panel, designed to overlap each other. Panels were nailed into wood furring strips which were prevalent prior to the invention of plywood. Today, nail up panels can be easily brad nailed or hand nailed, into .

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Finely crafted into your choice of finishes, these panels are the focal decorative touch of any room. RP- 073 punched tin panel. RP- 073. RP- 243 punched tin

Pie safe

Pie safes from this region had doors with punched, tin panels, known in the region as tôles de panneaux, or were inlaid with baluster, closely spaced. These items of furniture were considered utilitarian, as opposed to decorative, and were often coloured dull red, referred to as gros rouge.

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Wire wrap

Wire wrap is popular in telecommunications since it is one of the most secure ways to attach wires, and provides excellent and consistent data layer contact. Wirewrap panels are rated for high quality data services, including Cat 5 grade wiring. The principal competitor in this application is punch blocks, which are quicker but less secure.


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Fresh from his triumph, he arrives on the job to see a pressed-metal 'tin' ceiling going up panel-by-panel in the kitchen, while Barry Cohen and crew installing a decorative solid-surface bath stall in the kids& 39; bathroom. In the mudroom, tiler David Goodwin the fishing expedition& 39;s first mate , lays out a Welsh tile mudroom floor; viewers tour of the small factory in Whales where the tiles .

Sheet metal

Tin was often used to coat iron and steel sheets to prevent it from rusting. This tin-coated sheet metal was called ' tinplate .' Sheet metals appeared in the United States in the 1870s, being used for shingle roofing, stamped ornamental ceilings, and exterior façades.

Pie Safe w/ punched tin panels, filled w/pies - $44.75 : Kent& 39;s Mini

It is 3 /4" x /4& 39; x 3 /2" and has punched tin panels and is filled with 6 pies. Filled Cabinets and Shelves Pie Safe w/ punched tin panels, filled w/pies.

Pine Jelly Cabinet with Tin Doors by DutchCrafters Amish Furniture

The doors of this pine cabinet are unique with a hand punched design in the tin panels of the doors. The tin design combined with solid pine contribute easily to

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The cabinets have a pass-through that connects to the dining room so that glassware and dishes can be accessed from both sides. Richard heads upstairs to the second floor and meets homeowner Nick. With the new addition, the entrance to the master bedroom was changed to allow for a suite with two closets, the bedroom, and a spacious new bathroom. Richard looks at the new technology in the .

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Vertical Wheat Panel in Rustic Tin $ 0.95 · Horizontal Wheat Panel in Blackened Tin $ 0.95 · Embossed Star Panel in Solid Copper $2 .95 · Embossed Star

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Specializing in Custom made punched Tin panel inserts for pie safes, cabinets, wall hangings and etc We ship anywhere Todays Shipments going to PA, VA,

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The six pieces of painted Italian maiolica, or painted and tin-glazed earthenware, are all larger than the average, and there are none of the dishes that are the most common maiolica shape. The earliest piece is a large statue of Fortuna standing on a dolphin , holding a sail, by Giovanni della Robbia , made in Florence about 1500–10. 67


Punched tin-plated steel, also called pierced tin, is an artisan technique originating in central Europe for creating housewares that are both functional and decorative. Decorative piercing designs exist in a wide variety, based on local tradition and the artisan& 39;s personal creations. Punched tin lanterns are the most common application of this artisan technique. The light of a candle shining .

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8 Items We have plain unfinished bright shiny tins with or without punched patterns. These Pie Safe Tin - Hammered Antique Pewter - Vertical Wheat Stalks

Wood Jelly Cabinets With Punched Tin, Wood or Punched Copper

Choose wood, punched tin or punched copper doors to complement your décor. Catskill Craftsmen Flat Panel Wooden Door Jelly Cabinet CA-7230 $456.36

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Punched tin pierced copper and brass by Country Accents. Offering the sale of panels, patterns, tools, accessories and kits for the do-it-yourself.

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View this item and discover similar for sale at stdibs - The color of the original paint on the cabinet and the punched tin makes this piece a standout in any room.