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Other kits will normally have 12' and 13' hanging toms plus either a 14' hanging tom on a stand, a 14' floor tom, or a 16' floor tom. For depths, see Tom-tom drum Modern tom-toms. In the 2010s, it is very popular to have 10' and 12' hanging toms, with a 16' floor tom. This configuration is often called a hybrid setup.

Dariusz Brzozowski

Dariusz 'Daray' Brzozowski born 30 January 1980 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki , is a Polish heavy metal drummer.Brzozowski has played with such bands as Vader, Black River, Jelonek, Sunwheel, Armagedon, Arysta, Azarath, Faust, Neolithic, Crionics, Autumn: Death, Imperial Age, Kayzen, Crystal Abyss, Nerve, Insidious Disease and Pyorrhoea.

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Used Miscellaneous 8x 2 Floor Tom Drum Ludwig 0th Anniversary 8x 6" Legacy Mahogany Van Buren Floor Tom the absolute best of the best, then you& 39;ll definitely want to take a hard look at the Pearl Reference Floor Tom Drum.

Jon Larsen Danish musician

Larsen endorses Pearl Drums and Paiste Cymbals. Larsen no longer endorses Anatolian Cymbals. Former Touring Kit 2009–10 Drums – Pearl Drums Metallic Black Blend. 22' × 18' Bass Drum × 2 MRP2218BX/C 12' × 10' Tom MRP1210T/C 13' × 11' Tom MRP1311T/C 14' × 12' Tom MRP1412T/C 15' × 13' Tom MRP1513T/C 16' × 16' Floor Tom .


Samoth has stated in an interview with Metal Hammer that the following kit was used by himself to record drum tracks for the demo 'Wrath Of The Tyrant'. citation needed Pearl Export Drums jet black w/ black hardware 22' x 18' Bass Drum; 13' x 6.5' Snare Drum; 10' x 8' Mounted Tom; 12' x 9' Mounted Tom; 13' x 10' Mounted Tom; 16' x 16' Floor Tom

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6" Floor Toms at Europe& 39;s largest retailer of musical instruments - fast Millenium 6"x 6" MX200 Series Floor Tom Pearl 6"x 6" Export Floor Tom 3 .

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Playing gigs, practice or sessions on a whim—The Pearl Roadshow does it all 0″ and 2″ Mounted Toms, 6″ Floor Tom, Crash/Ride Cymbal, Hi-hats, Pearl used different shell composition for different sized drums to optimize the

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is moderately armed and carries 32 twelve-pound cannons: 18 on the gun deck and 14 on the upper deck. Its full broadside contains 16 cannonballs that weigh 192 lb 192 pounds 87 kg .

Fyfe Ewing

1 13' Rack tom with 13' Remo pinstripe head 1 16' Floor tom with 16' Remo pinstripe head 1 18' Floor tom with 18' Remo pinstripe head 1 24' Bass drum with 24' Remo pinstripe head 1 Large drum carpet; 1 Stage weight for bass drum 1 Fan; 1 8 ft wide x 8 ft deep x 2 ft high drum riser; 1 Zildjian set of 14' Newbeat hi-hats or Quickbeat

Floor tom

The floor tom was popularized by Gene Krupa in the 1950s, using a 16x16. The floor tom is also used as a small bass drum by some mostly jazz drummers. In that case it is mounted horizontally on a specially designed rack system. More recently, companies such as Pearl have come out with 'floor tom to bass drum conversion sets'. These commonly .

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VINTAGE PEARL 8 INCH FLOOR TOM. the water bubbles up from within. recessed Ludwig Rocker 6x 8" floor tom. simple in design, with a minimalist brass

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6 Streamlined Lugs, Rapid Strainer missing extension lever internal muffler, Stamped "Slingerland Radio King" top hoop. Pearl 5x 4 Sensitone Elite Phosphor Bronze - Used Ludwig 4 x 4 Club Date Floor tom Blue Sparkle - used.

Louie Palmer

Palmer endorses Pearl drums, Meinl cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, . 1× 14″ × 14″ Floor Tom; 1× 16″ × 16″ Floor Tom; 1× 14″ × 5.5″ Snare Drum; Cymbals 14' Byzance Traditional Medium bottom over Extra Dry bottom; 20' Byzance Vintage Pure Cra .

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I& 39;v got a pearl ruby fade VBX vision birch drum kit with a 4" floor tom. i play rock/punk music and would like to get a second floor tom. should i get a 6" or an 8"? 8" I have used as a bass drum but NEVER a floor tom.

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Pearl Crystal Beat Acrylic Drum Set 22/ 0/ 2/ 6 - Ultra Clear

3 Jun 20 5 Pearl Crystal Beat Acrylic Drum Set 22/ 0/ 2/ 6 - Ultra Clear - CRB524P/C730 Available for Snare drum used: Pearl Free Floater Maple 5.5x 4 I might be using a 4 floor for my Tom instead of the 3 but we will see.

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Products - 39 of 54 Hanging tom drum isolation mounts or floor tom mounts with legs in Pearl ISS Mount Isolation System For 2 to 6 Inch Tom Drums,

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Find many great new and used options and get the best deals for Vintage Pearl Wood-Fiberglass 6" Floor Tom Drum - Mahogany - "ROSEWOOD FINISH" at the

Joey Kramer

He has also used many other brands of drums including Ludwig with whom he was closely associated with for much of his career up until switching to Pearl. In the past he has also used sets by Fibes, Tama and DW. Drums Pearl Crystal Beat series drums: 24'x18' bass drum; 13'x10' mounted tom; 16'x16' floor tom; 18'x16' floor tom; 14'x6.5' UltraCast .

Jon Theodore

14x10 tom 16x16 floor tom 18x16 floor tom 26x14 kick Added to the kits were a DW Rail Mount and kick spurs. He used a Ludwig LM402T chrome over aluminium snare drum with aftermarket die cast hoops. Theodore has also used various 'jellybean' kits made with toms, snares, and bass drums made from Ludwig, Yamaha, Slingerland, Gretsch, and Sonor .

Zbigniew Robert Promiński

Pearl Reference 2x 22' x 18' Bass Drum RF2218BX 10' x 8' Tom RF1008T 12' x 9' Tom RF1209T 13' x 10' Tom RF1310T 14' x 12' Tom RF1412T 16' x 16' Floor Tom RF1616F 18' x 16' Floor Tom RF1816F 14' x 6.5' Snare Drum RF1465S Evans Drumheads. 22 .

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LUDWIG Legacy Classic color: Vintage Black Oyster Pearl SHELL SIZES: 14' x 22' Bass Drum ; 6.5' x 14' Black Beauty Snare; 10'x13' Rack Tom; 16'x16' Floor Tom; 16'x18' Floor Tom; HARDWARE: LUDWIG Atlas Pro. 1 x Hi-Hat stand PRO LAP16HH; 1 x Snare stand P .

Tom-tom drum

A tom drum is a cylindrical drum with no snares, named from the Anglo-Indian and Sinhala .It was added to the drum kit in the early part of the 20th century. Most toms range in size between 6 and 20 inches 15 and 51 cm in diameter, though floor toms can go as large as 24 inches 61 cm .

Used 90s era Pearl Masters Custom Extra Maple, Opal Finish, w

6x22 Bass, 8x8, 0x 0, 0x 2 mounted toms, 4x 4, 6x 6 Floor Toms; 6 ply all Maple Shells; Opal Finish; Pearl 3 sided ICON Rack with 9 Mounting Clamps

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