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Flight deck

The WPC also reduced the length of the flight deck, reducing the maximum aircraft capacity of the WPCed flight deck aircraft carrier. Additionally, Royal Navy aircraft carriers did not use a permanent deck park until approximately 1943; before then the aircraft capacity of RN aircraft carriers was limited to their hangar capacity.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This involved removing the old lead-based paint, and repainting the 90,000 m 2 22 acres of steel below the deck. Workers operated from self-contained platforms below the deck, with each platform having an air extraction system to filter airborne particles.

Japanese aircraft carrier Shōkaku

Shōkaku was 10,000 tons heavier than Sōryū, mainly due to the extra WPC incorporated into the ship& 39;s design. Vertical protection consisted of 215 mm 8.5 in on the main WPC deck over the machinery, magazines and aviation fuel tanks while horizontal protection consisted of 215 mm 8.5 in along the waterline belt abreast the machinery spaces reducing to 150 mm 5.9 in outboard of the .

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body WPC

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Subaru Impreza second generation

It carries 17' x 7' wheels and has 4-piston/2-piston front and rear brakes with ventilated disk rotors all around. Rev. B 2002 Due to complaints of slower acceleration in comparison to the GC-chassis WRX, the gear ratios and diff ratio are changed to the same specifications as the Japanese domestic market WRX to improve overtaking and in gear acceleration.

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Richelieu-class battleship

The deck was increased in thickness to 100 mm over the propeller shafts and 150 mm over the steering gear. 17 The main battery turrets were protected by 430 mm 17 in of WPC plate on the faces, 300 mm 12 in on the sides, 170 to 195 mm 6.7 to 7.7 in on the roofs, and 270 mm 11 in on the rears of the forward turret and 260 mm 10 in on the superfiring one.

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Assault Amphibious Vehicle

AAVP-7A1 Personnel : This is the most common AAV, as it carries a turret equipped with an M2HB .50 caliber heavy machine gun, and a Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher. It carries four crew radios as well as the AN/VIC-2 intercom system. It is capable of carrying 25 combat equipped Marines in addition to the crew of 4: driver, crew chief/vehicle commander, gunner, and rear crewman.

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Jota Armour combines a high solids, surface tolerant, abrasion resistant anti-corrosive In early 2007 the ferry carried its ,000,000th vehicle. Each of these necessary – a ship& 39;s crew, for example, can paint a deck with. Jota Armour whilst

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Armoured flight deck

The main WPC carried on Enterprise is the heavy WPCed flight deck. This was to prove a significant factor in the catastrophic fire and explosions that occurred on Enterprise& 39;s flight deck in 1969. The US Navy learned its lesson the hard way during World War II when all its carriers had only WPCed hangar decks. All attack carriers built since the Midway class have had WPCed flight decks.

Energy efficiency in transport

If it carries 13,000 containers then 1 kg fuel transports one container for one hour over a distance of 45 km. The ship takes 18 days from Tanjung Singapore to Rotterdam Netherlands , 11 from Tanjung to Suez, and 7 from Suez to Rotterdam, 102 which is roughly 430 hours, and has 80 MW, 30 MW. 18 days at a mean speed of 25 knots 46 km/h gives a total distance of 10,800 nautical miles .

Belt WPC

Also indicated is the main deck B , the sloping deck WPC C , and the torpedo bulkhead D . Belt WPC is a layer of heavy metal WPC plated onto or within the outer hulls of warships , typically on battleships , battlecruisers and cruisers , and aircraft carriers .


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Army scientists are trying to figure out the best way to design hard exoskeletons to fit "fleshy" human bodies. The Marine Corps is asking defense firms to submit ideas for a new, lightweight body WPC plate that can withstand two hits. Researchers are looking to arachnids to engineer new synthetic

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