level 5 floor routine deductions

Pommel horse

The pommel horse also side horse is an artistic gymnastics apparatus. Traditionally, it is used by only male gymnasts.Originally made of a metal frame with a wooden body and a leather cover, modern pommel horses have a metal body covered with foam rubber and leather, with plastic handles or pommels .

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Acrobatic gymnastics

Routines are required at a competition depends on the level at which the gymnasts are competing. At the junior and senior levels, all three routines are required, whereas at lower age levels, a single simpler routine is required. Each of the routine types has a different emphasis, but all include tumbling and dance as elements. The different routine types are as follows:

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9 Mar 20 9 Since NCAA gymnastics is based off level 0 scoring, all routines initially For example, a fall in J.O. is a five-tenth deduction, whereas a fall in FIG is a On floor, elite gymnasts perform four tumbling passes instead of the

Balance beam

Deductions are taken for all errors made while on the beam, including lapses in control, balance checks i.e., wobbling or stumbling to maintain balance , poor technique and execution, and failure to fulfill the required Code of Points elements. Falls automatically incur a deduction depending on the level the gymnast is on.

Reviewing the first year of the 20 3-202 Compulsory Routines.

routines are being emphasized. Level 5 Deductions – Dismount Handstand Floor. Turn out is key to all of these routines. Jump Sequences. – Level 3, 4

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2020-202 Class Schedule PDF · Class Descriptions · Class Levels · Class Dress Code Going the wrong direction is also a deduction of .5 for each pass in the the completion of one& 39;s routine constitutes a . deduction. . will be deducted for Deduction: .3 Straddle and Pike jumps – Legs should be parallel to floor.

Rings gymnastics

International level routines. A rings routine should contain at least one element from all element groups: I. Kip and swing elements and swings through or to handstand; II. Strength elements and hold elements; III. Swings to strength hold elements; IV. Dismounts; Scoring and rules. Gymnasts will take deductions for form similar to other apparatus .

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The entire exercise is evaluated, regardless of overtime. The Chief Judge takes the overtime deduction of 0. 0 from the average score. This deduction must be

Parallel bars

A routine performed on the parallel bars must include various elements that depend on the gymnast& 39;s competitive level. A typical performance will involve swinging skills in a support position on the hands , a hanging position, and an upper arm position resting on the inner bicep . Also, parallel bar routines often feature a strength or static hold skill such as an L-sit or handstand. Each .

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lacking from what is expected in a specific vault, appropriate deductions are should be a balance in both the quantity and difficulty level of dance and acro. 5. Floor exercise: Difficulty – A routine must contain combinations of medium

Uneven bars

In USAG levels 1–5, everyone in the same level performs the same compulsory routine. In levels 1-3 the gymnasts stay only on the low bar. Once the gymnast reaches level 4, she uses both the low and high bar. In levels 6 through Elite, gymnasts and coaches make up their own routines within specific requirements using both of the bars.

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Section 3/4/5 – Uneven Bars/Balance Beam/Floor Exercise Specific Composition Deductions applies to Level 8 found in the beam and floor sections If a gymnast stops her routine by jumping down to the mats, deduct 0.5 even.


Gymnasts perform a choreographed routine up to 90 seconds in the floor exercise event. Depending on the level, the gymnast may choose their own routine; however some levels have compulsory routines, where default music must be played. Levels three to six the music is the same for each levels along with the skills within the routine. However .

List of cheerleading stunts

The level of difficulty an organization allows depends on where the teams stunt and practice as well as the type of organization they are a part of school, club, college etc, . In most situations “club” cheer, also known as all-star, do more of a classic type of stunting which is not as common in school cheer. While high school cheerleading can have teams with high caliber stunts .

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The “up to the competitive level” deduction will be standardized at a flat . 0. 5 Aerial Walkover Back Tuck, D C, receives 0. D, 0.2 CV e. A floor routine with only 2 tumbling passes must include a minimum of a D element in one of.

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Q4: On the Level 4 and 5 Vault, is the deduction listed in the General Faults for In the Level 2 Floor routine, what is the deduction if the gymnast performs the

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Feb 20 8 Men& 39;s Artistic Gymnastics Levels -9, Under 8, Senior Open 5 Gymnastics NZ 20 8-2020 MAG National Programme Manual – Version February 20 8 The whole of the floor area should be used and the routines should have D score deductions can& 39;t be greater than 2.0 no bonus routine i.e. You

Glossary of gymnastics terms

To perform a routine or skill to the best of one& 39;s ability, with no major errors or deductions. Example: 'He hit the dismount.': May also be used as an adjective to describe a routine performed well. Hoop A gymnastics apparatus used in rhythmic gymnastics. It is a hollow hoop with an interior diameter of 80 to 90 cm. Horizontal bar

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Level 3 floor routine deductions. In order to help you improve your scores, Buttercup shows you all her mistakes in the level 3 floor routine and how many po.

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Incorrect position of head, arms, legs or feet text errors Deduct in general, not each time, The only element in the Level 4 or Level 5 floor routine worth .2

Ekaterina Kramarenko

Floor exercise 40 13.325 World Championships Stuttgart Team 8 164.525 4 238.000 All-around 13 57.850 15 58.225 Unevne bars 25 14.975 Balance beam 12 15.400 Floor exercise 31 14.125 2008 Olympic Games: Beijing: Team 4 180.625 3 244.400 All-around 10 60.425 Uneven bars 10 15.500 Balance beam 36 14.625 Floor exercise 5 15.025 6 15.150 2014

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For example, women& 39;s floor routines are done to music, while men& 39;s routines are done the use of music with spoken or sung words will cost a gymnast a -point deduction. The level 5 compulsory floor routine includes a variety of skills and

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If the skill cushion is 8” in thickness, it must be a minimum of 5& 39; x 0& 39;. Judge to repeat her routine or to continue from the point of interruption. A. For Levels 6- 0, no deduction is applied if a coach inadvertently steps into the corner area of.

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routine only on the low bar, and only use part of the floor area for their floor exercise. Levels 5 and 6. Levels 5 and 6 are also a compulsory only level of competition. Then there are general “up to” deductions, and this is how judges seem to

Sanne Wevers

Wevers competed at the 2017 World Championships but did not qualify to the beam final due to missing a required backwards acrobatic element in her routine, an automatic 0.5 point deduction from her D-score, in qualifications. 2018

Floor gymnastics

Deductions are taken for lack of flexibility, not using the whole floor area, pausing before tumbling lines, and using the same diagonal more than twice. Handstand skills must display control and show gymnasts& 39; intent clearly. International level routines. A floor routine should contain at least one element from all element groups:

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9 Apr 2020 Every gymnast starts with a 0 and the judges take deductions from 0 to The Level 5 floor routine is the first compulsory level in which more

Code of Points artistic gymnastics

The base score is 10.0 for all routines. E-score or B judging panel do not add to this, but rather, take away points for errors in form, artistry, execution, technique and routine composition. There is a 1.0 mark deduction for falling off an apparatus. Errors are judged to be small, medium or large and respective 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 deductions .

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7 Sep 20 8 she is judging each of her routines to help her get ready for her first level 4 competition season. Seeing the deductions has really helped her,

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Oct 28, 2008 Lv 5. decade ago. Favourite answer. No it& 39;s not just an american thing. Pretty much every country that has gymnastics has a levels system of some sort to The higher the level, the more difficulty you must include in your routine. gymnastics is scored from a 0.00, and points are deducted if you make a


The routines are performed on a standard 14 foot by 7 foot regulation sized trampoline with a central marker. Each routine consists of the athlete performing ten different skills starting and finishing on the feet. Scoring. The routine is marked out of 10 by five judges with deductions for incomplete moves or poor form. Usually the highest and .