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Appendix M: Wood Decks, 20 2 North Carolina Residential Code

UpCodes offers a consolidated resource of construction and building code Note: Tributary area of shaded section on free standing deck shown is 5& 39; x 6& 39; = 30

How to Build a Ground Level Portable Deck Home Guides SF Gate

Construct the other sections of the portable deck, following the same method you used when assembling the first section. The number of sections you build is

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Terminology of decks - WOOD Magazine

A deck is essentially an outdoor floor supported by a frame, posts, and footings secured in the Ask your building department for footing depths in your area. Stringers: Long, diagonal framing parts usually 2x 2s that support stair treads.

Submittal Checklist Required Inspections Residential Deck Guide

27 Jul 2020 Chapter 5 - Section 507 Exterior Decks. A permit is required for any of the following conditions:

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be verified by a building inspector prior to placement of concrete. 7. If the edge of a deck footing is closer than 5 feet to an existing house wall, the footing must

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DCA6 Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide

Code IRC bracketed text references applicable sections of the IRC . Prescriptive the building official determines that in-place soils with an allowable bearing

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