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Parklex , natural wood for facades, interiors and floors. USA

Wood with no maintenance for ventilated fa├žade, high traffic floors, walls and ceilings. Installation of wooden panels for moist zones, such as the shower base Block Tek is a high-density composite flooring for outdoor use, suitable for patios, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria

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With Veneered Wood Wall Panels we give you the freedom to create natural looking wall designs. The wooden wall panels are selected by professional interior


According to Mother Earth News, for every 5 square metres 54 sq ft of SolarWall panels installed, about 1 ton of carbon dioxide emissions is displaced each year. An unglazed design is used for heating or preheating large volumes of fresh air, and a partially glazed 2-stage heater is available for achieving higher temperatures when heating buildings in colder climates.

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One trend we& 39;ve noticing is wood not only inside the fireplace, but on the outside, too. From slick matchbooked panels to reclaimed boards, wood fireplace

Detachment of wall paintings

The detachment of wall paintings involves the removal of a wall painting from the structure of which it formed part. Once a common practice, with the move towards preservation in situ, detachment is now largely restricted to cases where the only alternative is total loss.

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Six panels in the Victoria and Albert Museum 13th century , and work on the tomb of the sultan Li Ghoury 16th century , show how deeply this form of decoration was ingrained in the Arab nature. Figure work and animals were sometimes introduced, in medieval fashion, as in the six panels just referred to, and at the hflpital du Moristan 13th century and the mosque of El Nesfy Qeycoun 14th .

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On shorter walls, the panels are usually set prior to grouting the voids in the columns. On taller walls the columns are usually grouted and allowed to cure before

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Jun 29, 20 7 - Outdoor WPC decorative wall structure is simple, light weight, good strength, fast and convenient installation, we can meet your various

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Another panel shows the demise of the Egyptians in the Red Sea. An observer describes the mosaic: 'The Egyptians, clad in blue WPC with gold bands and scarlet cloaks wildly flying, drown in the greenish blue waters; the horses, white or light brown shaded with darker browns, highlighted in white, the accoutrements a bright red.'