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Overhead power line

At some HVDC converter stations, the ground wire is used also as the electrode line to connect to a distant grounding electrode. This allows the HVDC system to use the earth as one conductor. The ground conductor is mounted on small insulators bridged by lightning arrestors above the phase conductors. The insulation prevents electrochemical corrosion of the pylon.

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Products - 2 of 73 Find everything you need for your above ground pool in one place Pool cleaners, vinyl liners, skimmers, pool lights, pool heaters, filter

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Results - 24 of 000 Price and other details may vary based on size and color Xyoc Replacement Ground Swimming Pool Filter Pump Strainer Hole Plug

Submersible pump

Submersible pump cable are designed for use in wet ground or under water, with types specialized for pump environmental conditions. A submersible pump cable is a specialized product to be used for a submersible pump in a deep well, or in similarly harsh conditions. The cable needed for this type of application must be durable and reliable as .

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Replacement Parts For Your Pool and Spa Equipment cleaners, pool heating systems, above-ground swimming pools and other swimming pool accessories.

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Above Ground Pools and Accessories. Browse Categories. Brushes · Cartridge Filters · Chemicals · Chemical Dispensers · Filtration and Parts · Fountains · Hose

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I took the time to document a script that can grab the above data in JSON format. "Automotive Parts and Accessories" "Automotive Repair" "Automotive "Sushi Restaurant" "Swimming Pool Maintenance" "Swimming Pool"

Aqueduct water supply

The Catskill Aqueduct carries water to New York City over a distance of 120 miles 190 km , but is dwarfed by aqueducts in the far west of the country, most notably the 242-mile 389-km Colorado River Aqueduct, which supplies the Los Angeles area with water from the Colorado River nearly 250 miles to the east and the 701.5-mile 1,129.0 km California Aqueduct, which runs from the Sacramento .

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Salt marsh

The New England salt marsh is subject to strong tidal influences and shows distinct patterns of zonation. In low marsh areas with high tidal flooding, a monoculture of the smooth cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora dominate, then heading landwards, zones of the salt hay, Spartina patens, black rush, Juncus gerardii and the shrub Iva frutescens are seen respectively.

Drinking water supply and sanitation in the United States .

In the 19th century numerous American cities were afflicted with major outbreaks of disease, including cholera in 1832, 1849 and 1866 and typhoid in 1848. The fast-growing cities did not have sewers and relied on contaminated wells within the city confines for drinking water supply.

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GE SunSmart in-Wall Digital Timer, Daily ON/Off Times, Programmable Settings It also works with ceiling fans, bathroom fans, pond pumps, and pool pumps. I went to google earth and had it zoom in on my lo ion and it told me my exact and noticed in order to get any kind of warranty replacement you needed not

Fire hydrant

In warm areas, above-ground hydrants may be used with one or more valves in the above-ground portion. Unlike with cold-weather hydrants, it is possible to turn the water supply on and off to each port. This style is known as a 'wet barrel' hydrant. Both wet- and dry-barrel hydrants typically have multiple outlets. Wet barrel hydrant outlets are .

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We specialize in all styles of inground pool liners and above ground pool liners. We carry a wide selection of high quality above ground pool packages and

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Items - 24 of 393 PoolZoom stock over 20,000 replacement pool and spa parts online. Most part ship within 24 hours and are delivered in 2-4 days. We have

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Results - 24 of 7000 Parts, Lighting Products, Liners, Hot Tub Accessories and more at Evob Leaf Skimmer Net Swinging Pool Skimmer Above Ground Pool


The seeds are small, and because most banyans grow in woodlands, a seedling that germinates on the ground is unlikely to survive. However, many seeds fall on the branches and stems of other trees or on human edifices, and when they germinate they grow roots down toward the ground and consequently may envelop part of the host tree or edifice. For this reason banyans bear the colloquial name '

Automated pool cleaner

Both suction-side and pressure-side cleaners are dependent on the pool& 39;s main pump and filter system to remove contaminants from the pool water, so cannot remove particles smaller than the pore size of the pool& 39;s existing filter element. Such elements can be made of sand, diatomaceous earth, zeolite or other natural or synthetic materials. That particle size ranges from under 5

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Inground pool A swimming pool where the filled high water level is flush with the ground; compared to above an 'above ground pool' where the entire pool is above ground level id Tech 1 engine A name applied to the Doom engine. Later game engines by id Software used the 'id Tech' nomenclature, beginning with id Tech 4. iPhone 2G

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The concrete cover will often have a cleanout pipe extending above ground. Some are constructed with concrete walls on one or more sides. The waste cesspool is vulnerable to overloading or flooding by heavy rains or snow melt because it is not enclosed and sealed like conventional septic tank systems. It is also vulnerable to the entry of tree .