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You determine how many linear feet of flooring you need by multiplying your square footage by 2 and then dividing it by the width of your floor boards. Step .

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Three walls of the room were solid with meters from baseboard to molding, unbroken black with the oil and scarred by the feet of the crude machines the belts had spun. A child leaned over the railing and launched a square of paper in a lazy, the same Vonnegut character developed in his latter books - it& 39;s very linear,

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8 Dec 20 8 Trim includes crown molding, baseboards, casing, wainscoting, chair Trim Options; Trim Installation Cost per Linear Foot; Trim Installation Flat Rates by the square foot, installation costs for trim molding, crown molding,

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Molding adds luxury and beauty to your home& 39;s walls and baseboards. Whether your decorating style is modern or old-fashioned, country or city, molding is an

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Square footage of walls and ceiling for appli ion of painting, texture, wallpaper etc.. PF = Perimeter Floor. The perimeter linear LF footage amount of a room

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We paid $2.75/linear foot for A work with 5" baseboards. This was for our entire downstairs which is around 00 sq ft. So in your case that would be $ 045. Most

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Equivalence of direct radiation EDR is a standardized comparison method for estimating the output ability of space-heating radiators and convectors.. Measured in square feet, the reference standard for EDR is the mattress radiator invented by Stephen J. Gold in the mid 19th century.

Chain unit

Linear Measurement 1 Chain = 100 links or 66 feet 1 Mile = 80 chains or 5,280 feet. Area Measurement 1 Acre = 10 square chains or 43,560 square feet An acre is the area of 10 square chains or one chain by one furlong of ten chains . 1 Square Mile = 640 acres Modern use and historic cultural references


The naval base included 16,700 square feet of general storage and space, 7,475 cubic feet of cold storage space, and 4,500 square feet of open storage. In addition to 700 lineal feet of wharfage, there were repair shops covering 5,500 square feet; hospital, 2,400 square feet; and quarters, 67,692 square feet.: 411

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Includes three main transit sheds totaling over 29,000 square meters 315,000 square feet adjacent to over 900 linear meters 3000 linear feet of ship and barge berthing and is located on approximately 1,600 acres. Grain 493,000 metric tons 14 million .

Manhattan Municipal Building

The Municipal Building is 559 feet 170 m tall. It is one of the largest governmental buildings in the world, with about 1 million square feet 93,000 m 2 of interior space and 2,000 employees. Of this, about 600,000 square feet 56,000 m 2 is used for offices.

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Painting a home interior or room costs $2 to $6 per square foot with most jobs Painting trim, baseboards and ceilings will fall on the higher end of the cost range. Painting kitchen cabinets costs $30 to $60 per linear foot or an average of

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Baseboard trim provides a polished and finished look to any room, as well as linear square feet of each room, as base trim is typically sold in linear square feet

Square foot

The square foot plural square feet; abbreviated sq. ft, sf, or ft 2; also denoted by & 39; 2 is an imperial unit and U.S. customary unit non-SI, non-metric of area, used mainly in the United States and partially in Bangladesh, Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


The Linear Park, a long, wide promenade that crosses the city from northwest to southeast, along the old route of the railway which occupies 74,917 square metres 806,400 square feet spread over three sections. The Park Jardinillos is one of the oldest in the capital.

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Many methods of measurement, like cubic square feet and cubic feet, account for width and height as well as linear distance. If you are determining how much

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Mar 2 , 2008 A square yard is a surface area yard by yard. A yard is a linear distance measuring 3 feet, or 36 inches and used for measuring things like mouldings, baseboards, sometimes countertops are sold in linear feet etc.

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Dec 5, 20 8 That will give you your wall painting production rate in square feet per square foot, baseboards and other trim per linear foot, and windows,

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At 65-90 cents a linear foot, wood composite MDF baseboards 2-4 inches high average$50-$75 uninstalled for 80 feet in a 20x20-foot living room or

Alumni Hall University of Pittsburgh

Dimensions. Alumni Hall spans 200 feet 61 m along Fifth Avenue on Pitt& 39;s campus and runs 120 feet 37 m deep. It is nine stories high with two-story spaces throughout, has 98,000 square feet 9,100 m 2 of functional space as well as an additional 12,000 square feet 1,100 m 2 accommodating entrances, corridors, stairwells, and elevators.

Ezra Meeker Mansion

The first home of the Meeker family was a cabin on the homestead claim which Meeker purchased from Jerry Stilly. This was a one-room cabin, 8 by 16 feet 2.4 by 4.9 m square on the claim. Meeker added a second room, doubling the size with double fireplace made of float lava rock between them. The Meeker family lived here from 1862 until 1886.

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The renovation included the installation of 180,000 square feet 17,000 m 2 of porcelain tile flooring, and 12,000 linear feet of glass handrails. Over 250,000 square feet 23,000 m 2 of commercial space was renovated.


An arpent is a French measurement of approximately 192 feet 59 m , and a square arpent also referred to as an arpent is about 0.84 acres 3,400 m 2 . French arpent land divisions are long narrow parcels of land, also called ribbon farms , usually found along the navigable streams of southern Louisiana, and also found along major waterways in other areas.