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Communist front

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters – Association of Anti-Fascists FIR was designated by government agencies as a communist-influenced organization. The World Federation of Scientific Workers WFSW is an international federation of scientific associations. It was a Cold War-era Communist front.

Wolfgang Holzmair

Wolfgang Holzmair born 1952 in Vöcklabruck is an Austrian baritone.. Holzmair studied at the Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.He won 2nd prize in the baritone class of the & 39;s-Hertogenbosch International Vocal Competition in 1981, and a year later 1st prize in the Musikverein International Lieder Competition, Vienna.

Termine - FK Austria Wien

TERMINE – AKADEMIE and NACHWUCHS. TERMINE – AKADEMIE and NACHWUCHS. Info · PFA · JFA · Team · Termine · Probetraining · Mail · Camps

Wood and Plastic – A Symbiotic Combination - Plastverarbeiter

8 Nov 20 3 Produkte · Termine · Stellenmarkt · Firmen In the European market, Wood Plastic Composites WPC are used It is the firm opinion of Asta Eder, business consultant and WPC expert, of Composites Consulting, Vienna, Austria, that Furthermore, WPC processing requires corrosion-resistant steels for

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Besides a museum the centre manages an archive with more than 350 meters of shelf space, filled with documents about the resistance and the persecution and

Action at Mechili

On 25 January in the north, the 2/11th Australian Battalion engaged the Sabratha Division and the 10th Bersaglieri of the Babini Group at Derna airfield, making slow progress against determined resistance. Italian bombers and fighters flew sorties against the 2/11th Australian Battalion as it attacked the airfield and high ground at Siret el Chreiba. The 10th

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was founded in 963 by former members of the Austrian Resistance, victims of NS-persecution, and committed scholars from the sciences and humanities.

'Polish death camp' controversy

In World War II, German concentration camps were sited in present-day Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Germany built Operation Reinhard death camps only in occupied Poland. 'Polish death camp' and 'Polish .

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The rise of the NSDAP, the "Anschluss" annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany, Nazi terror and the persecution and deportation of Jews are also topics, as are

List of historical acts of tax resistance

Tax resistance, the practice of refusing to pay taxes that are considered unjust, has probably existed ever since rulers began imposing taxes on their subjects. It has been suggested that tax resistance played a significant role in the collapse of several empires, including the Egyptian, Roman, Spanish, and Aztec.


During the First World War, following the rupture of the alliance between Italy and Austria and for fear of reprisals by the Austrians, the town of Calvene was evacuated. The population took refuge in Thiene until 1917. Calvene was the base of a huge ammunition deposit and in Valsavina there was a large munitions store. This was the reason why .

2019 Austrian legislative election

Austria still uses paper ballots, rather than electronic voting machines or online voting. Because the names of candidates on the regional lists are printed on the ballot, and because more parties and lists compete today than was the case in earlier decades of the Second Republic, today& 39;s ballots are much larger in size than was the case before the introduction of preferential voting. 29

Attack on Nibeiwa

The British Middle East Command General Archibald Wavell had in Egypt and Palestine about 36,000 British, Commonwealth and Free French soldiers, 120 guns, 275 tanks and 142 aircraft, in two squadrons of Hurricanes, one of Gloster Gladiators, three of Bristol Blenheims, three of Vickers Wellingtons and one of Bristol Bombays, about 46 fighters and 116 bombers.

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Memorial Room for the Victims of the Gestapo Vienna. An Exhibition by the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance. mehr>>. Blick in die Ausstellung