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British merchant seamen of World War II

Mason brought his tanker to Malta burning, due to leaking fuel, after being torpedoed by an Italian submarine which blew a hole 28 feet by 24 feet in her hull, after being bombed by Italian and German bombers, including the infamous Stuka, during which they shot down a Ju 87 Stuka which crashed on the deck of Ohio, being machine gunned by enemy aircraft and attacked by Italian motor torpedo boats.

French battleship Strasbourg

Strasbourg, at that time commanded by Capitaine de vaisseau Ship of the line captain Collinet, was the first large warship to slip her mooring, following four destroyers on their way out of the harbor. Debris from near misses showered the ship as she made her way through the port; some of these fragments dented or punched holes in her hull, and burning debris scorched her deck. A salvo of 15 .

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Marine engineering

Anti-fouling. Anti-fouling is the process of eliminating obstructive organisms from essential components of seawater systems. Marine organisms grow and attach to the surfaces of the outboard suction inlets used to obtain water for cooling systems. Electro-chlorination involves running high electrical current through sea water.

Slave ship

Slave counts can also be estimated by deck area rather than registered tonnage, which results in a lower number of errors and only 6% deviation from reported figures. 11 This limited reduction in the overcrowding on slave ships may have reduced the on-board death rate, but this is disputed by some historians.


In order to provide smooth motion the balls were often covered with an anti-slip surface treatment, which was, by design, sticky. Rolling the mouse tended to pick up any dirt and drag it into the system where it would clog the chopper wheels, demanding cleanup. In contrast the trackball is in contact only with the user& 39;s hand, which tends to be cleaner. In the late 1990s both mice and .

Igbo Landing

Igbo Landing alternatively written as Ibo Landing, Ebo Landing, or Ebos Landing is a historic site at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia.It was the setting of a mass suicide in 1803 by captive Igbo people who had taken control of their slave ship and refused to submit to slavery in the United States.

List of ships attacked by Nigerian pirates

Nigeria: Afikpo, Nigeria 1 Police Inspector killed, 2 civilians abducted: 2015-11-06: unknown: 2015-11-06: On November 6, 2015 at approximately 8:45am the town of Afikpo in Ebonyi State was invaded by a group of heavily armed pirates in speed boats.


As an intermediate and finishing coat in anti-slip systems on interior and exterior surfaces above the waterline. Suitable on steel and wood. Segments. Yacht.

Millennium Park

The bottom of the bridge is made of white, painted structural steel, the floor is made of aluminum planking and the 42-inch 1.1 m tall railings are steel set atop stainless steel mesh. The bridge features anti-slip walkways and heating elements to prevent the formation of ice.


Slipperiness is the degree of risk of slippage or falling when walking on a wet surface such as a pathway, boat deck or roadway. Road slipperiness is a major area of road safety, but various means have also been developed to measure walkway and deck slipperiness in order to develop health and safety standards.

African theatre of World War I

The Volta-Bani War was an anti-colonial rebellion which took place in parts of French West Africa now Burkina Faso and Mali between 1915 and 1917. It was a war between an indigenous African army, a heterogeneous coalition of peoples against the French Army. At its height in 1916, the indigenous forces mustered from 15,000–20,000 men and .

M2 Browning

Cooled by the aircraft& 39;s slip-stream, the air-cooled 12.7 mm AN/M2 was fitted with a substantially lighter 36-inch 91 cm length barrel, reducing the weight of the complete unit to 61 pounds 28 kg , which also had the effect of increasing the rate of fire. The full official designation for this weapon was 'Browning Machine Gun, Aircraft, Cal. .50, AN/M2' Fixed or Flexible .

Jota Armour – non-slip coating for decks and walkways Jotun

Jota Armour is a three component, abrasion resistant polyamine cured epoxy coating, specially designed as an anti-skid topcoat on top of suitable primer or

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Talk:Deadliest Catch

Why no anti-slip? I don& 39;t usually watch this, but I find it remarkable to see some bozo captain laughing while his guy is sliding all over deck between a winch in operation and the edge of the boat. Can& 39;t they put down some kind of anti-slip strips on the deck like people put in bathtubs? Wnt 17:26, 11 April 2009 UTC

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Nigerian Navy

The six new Ocea fast patrol boats came on the heels of a Two new Ocea FPB 110 MK II Fast Patrol Boats delivered to the Nigerian Navy. Ocea has previously delivered 7 units of the FPB 72 MK II boats in three batches: three in 2012, one FPB 98 in 2013, two in 2017 and two in January of this year. The FPB 72 and FPB 98 were ordered by the Nigerian Port Authority but handed over to the Nigerian Navy.