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Beech Fagus is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae, native to temperate Europe, Asia, and North America.Recent classifications recognize 10 to 13 species in two distinct subgenera, Engleriana and Fagus.

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Made out of flexible PVC, this material is easy to work with and maintain. It& 39;s the perfect option to upgrade your boat and replace the dingy old carpet. PlasDECK

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At last, a choice in Laminate Flooring at an affordable level. Our MarineLam Flooring is available in 4 x 8 sheets in the following color options Sheet Size: 4& 39; wide

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Dec 2, 20 7 - Synthesis Teak PVC Soft Board decking is New high-tech green materials, waterproof, No maintenance, easy installation . See more ideas


It is used for making cabinets and flooring, and for carving. It is exported as quality veneers. Due to its after-work quality when sealed and dyed, it is often sold as genuine rosewood or as teak. It has no discernible qualities of a genuine rosewood. It has comparable strength with teak, but lower quality and price than teak or Dalbergia .

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We have Laminates, Vinyls, PVC and also Wood-PVC combination panels. installation over existing and new floor areas of boats, floors, pool areas etc. Our MarineLam Flooring is available in 4 x 8 sheets in the following color options.

Wood veneer

In woodworking, veneer refers to thin slices of wood and sometimes bark, usually thinner than 3 mm 1/8 inch , that typically are glued onto core panels typically, wood, particle board or medium-density fiberboard to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture.

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Jun 23, 20 6 - replace boat floor with pvc boards ,non slip decking for pontoon boat boat Synthetic Teak Boat Decking,PVC Soft Boat Decking For Sale


Also in the 18th century, the style of panelling changed from a floor-to-ceiling covering to one in which only the lower part of the wall was covered. Hence wainscot or wainscoting became a panelling style applied to the lower 90 to 150 cm 3 to 5 ft of an interior wall , below the dado rail or chair rail, and above the baseboard or skirting board.

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Mahogany is a commercially important lumber prized for its beauty, durability, and color, and used for paneling and to make furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items. The leading importer of mahogany is the United States, followed by Britain; 1 while the largest exporter today is Peru , which surpassed Brazil after that country banned mahogany exports in 2001. 11

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All clear or translucent varnishes, and indeed all film-polymer coatings e.g. paint, stain, epoxy, synthetic plastic, etc. are susceptible to this damage in varying degrees. Pigments in paints and stains protect against UV damage. UV-absorbers are added to polyurethane and other varnishes e.g. spar varnish to work against UV damage but are .


The floor remained intact and in use until it was cut up and sold as souvenirs in 1999, after the 1998 demolition of Boston Garden. The Celtics today play on a parquet floor inside TD Garden that combines old and new sections. It is the only NBA court floor made from red oak; all others are made from rock maple.

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Nuteak Pictures - Synthetic Teak Marine Decking Boat Upholstery, Decking, Teak Deck Fabri ion and Installation Part 2 Plastic Decking, Deck Boat, Timber Deck, Bamboo Wall Covering/Paneling/Wainscot-8 Color Choices- 4& 39; x 8& 39; Rolls.

Wood finishing

The towline approach to automating wood finishing uses mobile carts that are propelled by conveyors mounted in or on the floor. This approach is useful for moving large, awkward shaped wood products that are difficult or impossible to lift or hang overhead, such as four-legged wood furniture. The mobile carts used in the towline approach can be designed with top platens that rotate either .

Tung oil

Tung oil is very popular today because of two properties: first, it is natural or 'green' product when it has dried. citation needed Second, after it cures 5 to 30 days, weather/temperature related , the result is a very hard and easily repaired finish, so it is used on boat decks and now on floors.


Firs Abies are a genus of 48–56 species of evergreen coniferous trees in the family Pinaceae.They are found through much of North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, occurring in mountains over most of the range.

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