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Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Osu

The wooden super-structure to support the roofing tiles was firmly put in place and the walls of the chapel were completed. The tower of the church which would house the belfry stood at 85 feet and a crucifix was placed atop it. Inside the chapel, an upper gallery with a seating capacity of 200 was constructed.

MFI Group

MFI Group Limited was a British furniture retailer, operating under the MFI brand. The company was one of the largest suppliers of kitchens and bedroom furniture in the United Kingdom, and operated mainly in retail parks in out of town locations.

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List of titles and honours of Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II born 21 April 1926 has held numerous titles and honours, both during and before her time as monarch of each of her Commonwealth realms.Each is listed below; where two dates are shown, the first indicates the date of receiving the title or award the title as Princess Elizabeth of York being given as from her birth , and the second indicates the date of its loss or renunciation.

Zarkana Cirque du Soleil

Zarkana was a Cirque du Soleil stage production written and directed by François Girard.It began as a touring show in 2011 and was converted to a resident show in Las Vegas in late 2012.

Torrens title

Torrens title is a land registration and land transfer system, in which a state creates and maintains a register of land holdings, which serves as the conclusive evidence termed 'indefeasibility' of title of the person recorded on the register as the proprietor owner , and of all other interests recorded on the register.

Faith Academy Mobile, Alabama

Faith Academy is an independent, religious, co-educational private school in Mobile, Alabama, United States.. The school was founded as Lott Road Christian Grade School in 1969, and was located in Eight Mile, Alabama for nineteen years until moving to its current location in 1988.


Popess The title of a character found in Tarot cards based upon the Pope on the Roman Catholic Church. As the Bishop of Rome is an office always forbidden to women there is no formal feminine of Pope, which comes from the Latin word papa an affectionate form of the Latin for father .

Elmina Castle

The supplies, which included everything from heavy foundation stones to roof tiles, were sent, in pre-fitted form, along with provisions for six hundred men. Under the command of Diogo de Azambuja , the fleet set sail on 12 December 1481 and arrived at Elmina, in a village called Of Two Parts 5 a little over a month later, on 19 January 1482.

Black Stone

The Black Stone was held in reverence well before the preaching of Islam by Muhammad.It had long been associated with the Kaaba, which was built in the pre-Islamic period and was a site of pilgrimage of Nabataeans who visited the shrine once a year to perform their pilgrimage.

H. V. Meyerowitz

In 1936, on the recommendation of the English studio potter Michael Cardew, Meyerowitz appointed Harry Davis to teach pottery at Achimota and expand the pottery department to manufacture bricks, tiles, water coolers and glazed ware. The College also produced textiles. Davis resigned in 1942, and was replaced by Cardew, who undertook a large expansion of the pottery on a site at Alajo, with the .

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Ottoman tiles representing the Kaaba, 17th century. Based on an earlier report by Agatharchides of Cnidus , Diodorus Siculus mentions a temple along the Red Sea coast, 'which is very holy and exceedingly revered by all Arabians'. 43