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Bulgaria: Browse through 3 potential providers in the garden furniture industry because the very hardness of the wood made it difficult to manufacture without special machinery. and artifical rattan furniture for gardens, resturants and outdoor use. Supplier of: Furniture and decorations, garden Plastics - packaging.

HDPE Structural Plastic Lumber Playground Building Materials

HDPE Structural Plastic Lumber Playground Building Materials. Appli ions. Light-Duty Piling · Artificial Turf Boards · Soil Stabilization · HDPE Structural Plastic

Artificial leather

Artificial leathers are often used in clothing fabrics, furniture upholstery, and automotive uses. One disadvantage of plastic-coated artificial leather is that it is not porous and does not allow air to pass through; thus, sweat can accumulate if it is used for clothing, car seat coverings, etc.

Artificial turf

Artificial turf was first used in Major League Baseball in the Houston Astrodome in 1966, replacing the grass field used when the stadium opened a year earlier. Even though the grass was specifically bred for indoor use, the dome& 39;s semi-transparent Lucite ceiling panels, which had been painted white to cut down on glare that bothered the players, did not pass enough sunlight to support the grass.

Artificial shelter for spiders

Artificial shelters made to capture arachnids can be made out of nearly any construction material at hand. Some of the more common materials are wood and plastic.However, other materials like cardboard or bubble wrap have been used.

Artificial insemination

History. The first recorded case of artificial insemination was John Hunter in 1790, who helped impregnate a linen draper& 39;s wife. The first reported case of artificial insemination by donor occurred in 1884: Dr. William H. Pancoast, a professor in Philadelphia, took sperm from his 'best looking' student to inseminate an anesthetized woman.

Synthetic fiber

Rayon and acetate are both artificial fibers, but not truly synthetic, being made from wood. 7 Nylon , the first synthetic fiber in the 'fully synthetic' sense of that term, citation needed was developed by Wallace Carothers , an American researcher at the chemical firm DuPont in the 1930s.

Can Artificial Grass Be Laid on Decking? - Blog

26 Jun 20 8 If your garden decking is starting to look a bit tired or worn out, consider laying artificial grass. Synthetic turf can be installed on decking, without

Structural Plastic Lumber Recycled Structural Plastic Beams

Bedford Technology& 39;s structural composite lumber is fortified with fiberglass strand or fiberglass polymer rebar. Learn about structural plastic lumber today.

Recycled Plastic Lumber, Recycled Timber Plastics, Recycled

We supply recycled plastic lumber and recycled timber plastics made from eco friendly recycled plastic wood. A rot-resistant alternative to real wood.

Different Types of Recycled Plastic Lumber - Bedford Technology

Plastic lumber is an eco-friendly building material that can effectively fit into a range of functions. These are the different types available.

Recycled Plastic Wood Planks, Longer Lasting, Rot Resistant

Kedel recycled Plastic Wood planks are made from recycling crushed CD cases and old coat hangers and similar polystyrene products that would otherwise end

Sri Lankan Christmas tree

The Sri Lankan Christmas tree is the world’s tallest artificial Christmas tree. It was built on the Galle Face Green in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the tree is 72.1m 236 ft 6.58 in tall and opened on Christmas Eve 2016. The cone-shaped tree is a steel-and-wire frame made from scrap metal and wood, and

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Brighten up your home with a fantastic collection of artificial plants, flowers Artificial Blush Pampas Grass in Pot - 9 £ 9.99 Set of 4 Potted Herbs In Wood Tray Austria; Switzerland; Denmark; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Finland; Greece Plastic. Polyester. Polyethylene. Polyfoam. Polyform. Rattan. Silk. Steel.

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Portable plastic ice rink at Christmas market. Professional figure skater Sarah Meier performing on artificial ice rink. kid on synthetic ice rink at Ark Encounter in

Artificial rupture of membranes

Artificial rupture of membranes AROM , also known as an amniotomy, is performed by a midwife or obstetrician and was once thought to be an effective means to induce or accelerate labor. The membranes can be ruptured using a specialized tool, such as an amnihook or amnicot, or they may be ruptured by the proceduralist& 39;s finger. The different techniques for artificial rupture of membranes have .

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The largest stockist and fabri or of recycled plastic products in the South of England using HDPE High Density Polyethylene a tough and durable plastic.

Artificial bone

Artificial bone refers to bone-like material created in a laboratory that can be used in bone grafts, to replace human bone that was lost due to severe fractures, disease, etc. Bone fracture, which is a complete or partial break in the bone, is a very common condition that has more than three million US cases per year. 2

Window blind

Faux wood is also known in some countries as Plaswood Plastic and Wood . Made of a composite of man-made materials and natural wood particles, faux wood can be a less expensive choice than natural wood.

List of EN standards

EN 13145: Railway applications - Track - Wood sleepers and bearers EN 13146 : Railway applications - Track - Test methods for fastening systems EN 13162:2013-03 : Thermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made mineral wool MW products