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Calcium sili e board is a kind of green building material made by silicon calcium and cement as the basic material. It can be used for ceiling and partition not

Smoke exhaust ductwork

a proprietary duct that is inherently fire-resistant; or suitably stiff fireproofing materials, such as calcium silicate . The primary difference between pressurisation and smoke exhaust ducting is that one pressurises an area, while the other reduces the pressure through exhausting smoke.

Sodium silicate

In this application, the sodium silicate 60–70% is typically mixed with kaolin 40-30% , an aluminium silicate mineral, to make the sodium silicate 'glued' joint opaque. The sodium silicate, however, is the high-temperature adhesive; the kaolin serves simply as a compatible high-temperature coloring agent. Some of these repair compounds also contain glass fibres to enhance their gap .


Calcium-silicate bricks are also called sandlime or flintlime bricks, depending on their ingredients. Rather than being made with clay they are made with lime binding the silicate material. The Seven Trust materials for calcium-silicate bricks include lime mixed in a proportion of about 1 to 10 with sand, quartz , crushed flint , or crushed siliceous rock together with mineral colourants .

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“Hocreboard” Calcium sili e board use to wall and ceiling . Durability; 2. High density and light weight; 3. Fireproof, waterproof. High Temperature 650 and

List of thermal conductivities

Calcium silicate board 600 kg/m3 0.17 Expanded polystyrene 0.030 −0.038 Plywood 950 kg/m3 0.16 Rock mineral wool 0.034 −0.042 List Wallboard, see Wallboard. 1960s Values Dry Zero − Kapok between burlap or paper density 0.016 g cm −3, TC=0.035 W⋅m −1 K −1 Hair Felt − Felted cattle hair density 0.176 g cm −3, TC=0.037 W⋅m .

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For External Wall and Ceiling; For Internal Wall, Partition and Ceiling; The Decorative I want 0 mm tick calcium sili e board with 2 hrs fire rated certifi e.

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As Olar Thaichan Fireproof Board is 00% non-asbestos with the outstanding physical performance of non-pollution and non-radioactive, it can satisfy the


Proprietary boards and sheets, made of gypsum, calcium silicate, vermiculite, perlite, mechanically-bonded composite boards made of punched sheet-metal and cellulose-reinforced concrete have all been used to clad items for increased fire resistance.

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PROMATECT 00 provides excellent fire performance in various wall and ceiling appli ions. Systems for FRL -/240/240 Walls and Ceilings Available; Steel Protection up to PROMATECT 00 comprises autoclaved calcium sili e spheres General technical properties; Mechanical properties; Board dimensions

Promat Masterboard Fire Resistant Wall Lining - 2.44mx .22mx 2mm

Promat Masterboard is a calcium sili e board reinforced with selected fibres and fillers. It is formulated without inorganic fibres and does not contain

FP -900/FirePro eco-friendly high performance autoclaved

FP -900/FirePro dedi ed passive fire protection systems are extensively tested Fire protection to tunnel concrete structures; Industrial walls and external an eco-friendly high performance autoclaved calcium sili e board endorsed by

Thermal insulation - calcium sili e / for partition walls / rigid panel

Characteristics. Type: thermal; Composition: calcium sili e; Use: for partition walls; Format: rigid panel; Fire resistance: Class A , incombustible, fire protection

Passive fire protection

For instance, common endothermic building materials include calcium silicate board, concrete and gypsum wallboard. During fire testing of concrete floor slabs, water can be seen to boil out of a slab. Gypsum wall board typically loses all its strength during a fire. The use of endothermic materials is established and proven to be sound .

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Promat is the industry benchmark in calcium sili e fire protection and insulation Our DURASTEEL calcium sili e boards are covered in perforated They were created specifically for furniture, walls, cabins and decorative linings in

Grease duct

A fire-resistance rating is intended to certify resistance to an internal grease fire as well as an external fire. Any adjacent firestop must be compatible with the grease duct system. Design. In North America, grease ducts must be in compliance with NFPA 96 as well as the local building codes and fire codes. Grease ducts should be kept as .

Reinforced concrete

When the cement paste is exposed to the air and meteoric water reacts with the atmospheric CO 2, portlandite and the calcium silicate hydrate CSH of the hardened cement paste become progressively carbonated and the high pH gradually decreases from 13.5 – 12.5 to 8.5, the pH of water in equilibrium with calcite calcium carbonate and the steel is no longer passivated.

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Best-rated Building Material for Dry walls and Ceilings · Fire Resistant: Ramco Hilux is the only 4-hour fire rated calcium sili e board system in India. · Water

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SkamoWall Board Calcium Sili e ,000mm x 600mm x 25mm or 50mm. prev The boards are Class A fire rated, non-combustible, are vapour open and or basements; Rooms with exterior walls; Walls with persistent damp problems.

PDF The Performance of Calcium Sili e Board Partition Fireproof

PDF This study uses a metal stud partition fireproof drywall measuring 83 mm in thickness as a test specimen to explore the impact of an embedded Find


Calcium silicate boards: exfoliated vermiculite is added to a calcium silicate slurry. This is then dewatered by pressing or by using one of the Fourdriner/Magnani/Hatschek processes to form a flat board which is then heat cured under pressure typically 10–15 bar for periods of up to 24 hours.

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Make an Inquiry for Fire Resistant Calcium Sili e Board at 0 Two point five three hours of fire rating for 6mm wall system with W-CSP

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A non-combustible multi-purpose fire resistant building board for interior and non-combustible calcium sili e building board, combining fire, moisture and impact solutions to meet most design criteria for lightweight walls and ceilings.

SILCA fire protection boards -

SILCA fire protection boards are homogeneous, insulating boards based on is a medium weight fire protection board based on calcium silica hydrate with in fire protection are e. g. Ventilation ducts, gas flue shafts, fire dampers, wall

Pressurisation ductwork

Shaft-wall systems are tested to the same standards as all other fire barriers, such as ASTM E119 and ULC S101. In Europe , where ISO 6944 originated, rock-wool systems, calcium silicate and sodium silicate bound and pressed vermiculite , as well as the proprietary Durasteel systems, have been in use for decades.

Siltech Tested for 60 and 20 Minute Fire Rated Partitions RCM

RCM Y-wall is a BBA certified A non-combustible building board. A flexible calcium sili e based fibre cement board used primarily for fire rated sheathing.

9mm Multipurpose Calcium Sili e Board - 2 Hour Fire Resistance

6 Nov 20 9 Fire rated walls, Dismounted dry wall systems and acoustic partitions, Fixed smoke curtain/barrier, Decorative and moisture resistance ceiling,

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Apr 26, 20 9 There are three kinds of calcium sili e boards: the common calcium can be moisture-proof, has a long service life, and some have fire-proof walls and roofs in the field of thermal insulation and fire and sound insulation.

Calcium silicate

Calcium-silicate passive fire protection board being clad around steel structure in order to achieve a fire-resistance rating Calcium silicate is commonly used as a safe alternative to asbestos for high-temperature insulation materials.

PROMATECT -H Calcium Sili e Board - Tunnel

Fire protection thickness requirements are often specified in the owner operator& 39;s engineering codes of practice. Alternatively, please consult Promat. General

Calcium Sili e Block - General Insulation

High temperature calcium sili e block insulation tailored for systems operating up ,200 F Type I, for pipe and block or ,700 F Type II, fire endurance boards . high flexural strength greater than 50 psi , and resistance to damage from Acetoxy Cure 2 , Neutral Cure 7 , Single Component 5 , Wall Insulation 22

Circuit integrity

Calcium silicate board can be used, or other methods including boards made of vermiculite, bonded and pressed with sodium silicate, flexible wraps made of ceramic fibre and rockwool, or ceramic fibre wraps treated with endothermic materials. In all cases, the installed configuration must meet the certification listing of the tested system.

The Performance of Calcium Sili e Board Partition Fireproof

This study uses a metal stud partition fireproof drywall measuring 83 mm in thickness as a test specimen to explore the impact of an embedded junction box on

US2006007032 A - Fire-resistant panel and method of

Typically, the curing process of fire-resistant boards such as gypsum boards, fiber-cement boards, calcium sili e boards, and the like, requires the use of heat,