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Buy direct: we manufacture polycarbonate PVC panels sheets, corrugated Sunlite panels are lightweight, yet very strong, and very aesthetically pleasing.

All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment is the end result of the LINCLOE Lightweight Individual Clothing And Equipment program that began in 1965 and terminated with the adoption of the ALICE system on 17 January 1973. The goal of the individual equipment portion of the LINCLOE program was to develop a lightweight load-carrying system in an effort to lighten a combat .

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PVC Designer Wall Panel are designed to provide your interiors, with extraordinary and distinctive ambiance. Features: Durable make; Beauty; Lightweight

Lightguide display

Light from independently controlled incandescent bulbs passing into the edge of these panels reflects off the internal surfaces of the plastic. When the light encounters engraved digits, it is scattered, rendering a brightly illuminated digit or character. History. The principle of edge-lighting was discovered early and used for commercial signs.

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RELINE is an innovative paneling system that can be used for ceilings as well as walls. Versatile, lightweight and easy-to-install, it works well for both new


Plastic lenses are lighter and shatter-resistant, but are more prone to scratching. Polycarbonate plastic lenses are the lightest, and are also almost shatterproof, making them good for impact protection. CR-39 is the most common plastic lens, due to low weight, high scratch resistance, and low transparency for ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

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Bring affordable elegance into any room with the use of this lightweight yet solid threeDwall Plant Fiber Wainscot Dune Wall Panel. If you like pvc panels, you

Transom architecture

Transom or transom window is also the customary U.S. word used for a transom light, the window over this crosspiece. 1 2 In Britain , the transom light is usually referred to as a fanlight , often with a semi-circular shape, especially when the window is segmented like the slats of a folding hand fan .

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PVC Ceiling panels makes Ceiling paneling systems that are cost effective, durable, lightweight and very low maintenance. Their systems are designed to make

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Lightweight panel - Weight: 3.5 kg per panel - Cardboard delivery - 2 years warranty Characteristics Dimensions : 2, 0m x 0,48 cm Material : PVC Range


MOLLE pronounced / ˈ m ɒ l. l iː /, similar in pronunciation to the name Molly is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and backpacks used by a number of NATO armed forces, especially the British Army and the United States Army.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete

The load-carrying capacity of a sandwich panel can be increased dramatically by introducing light steel framing. Light steel stud framing is similar to conventional steel stud framing for walls, except that the frame is encased in a concrete product. Here, the sides of the steel frame are covered with two or more layers of GFRC, depending on the type and magnitude of external loads. The strong .

Organic solar cell

An organic solar cell OSC or plastic solar cell is a type of photovoltaic that uses organic electronics, a branch of electronics that deals with conductive organic polymers or small organic molecules, for light absorption and charge transport to produce electricity from sunlight by the photovoltaic effect.

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Lightweight Waterproof Polymer Panels. Wetline is an advanced PVC based polymer board with the working and processing properties of timber-based panel

Why you need a lightweight watch

Heavy metal time has passed. The finest horological minds are now focused on shedding the pounds - as is the smart money We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Real watches are driven by technology that’s effectively 200 years old: a deli e concoction of wh


The light weight of polycarbonate as opposed to glass has led to development of electronic display screens that replace glass with polycarbonate, for use in mobile and portable devices. Such displays include newer e-ink and some LCD screens, though CRT, plasma screen and other LCD technologies generally still require glass for its higher melting temperature and its ability to be etched in .

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Cost effective: PVC panels are less expensive than traditional ceiling panel materials. Lightweight: PVC panels are exceptionally light, which makes them efficient

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Sep 4, 20 8 This plastic panel was first created by Eugen Baumann, a German chemist, Expanded PVC& 39;s lightweight yet rigid composition offers superior