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The Passive Fire Protection Handbook

DW 44 – Specifi ion for sheet metal ductwork published by the Heating and. Ventilating through floors or a roof that may deflect at different rates. 8. Air Flow and Promat DURASTEEL SMT requires internal steel liner. DESIGNER

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Promat DURASTEEL is only installed by an experienced and carefully trained, fully accredited, Promat licensed installer. This ensures the system is fitted


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Promat has worldwide reputation for passive fire protection

9 May 20 7 “Promat is one of the most complete product ranges available today,” he said. Durasteel is one of Promat& 39;s high spec partition and ceiling board

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Passive fire protection

Passive full surface fire protection of stored flammable liquids is made possible with a new UL Listed product - DryFoam by Trelleborg. DryFoam is composed of spheres or beads of approximately 3 mm that can be applied directly onto the flammable liquid creating a floating bed which can remain for 10 years.

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In today& 39;s construction markets the need for systems which can perform multifunction roles, whilst capable of allowing for fast track and cost effective installation are

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Fire damper

North American fire dampers, ready for installation in Durasteel fire-resistance rated pressurisation ductwork. Side view of North American fire damper, showing the closing mechanism that shuts the interior blades. An air gap of maximum 1/8' per linear fo .

Impact resistance composite plates Promat Durasteel - Fireproof

Buy Promat Durasteel in Europe - Impact resistance composite plates Promat Shipping costs calculation; Individual wholesale price calculation or discounts.


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DURASTEEL Fire Protection Systems - Distributed in Australia by Promat DURASTEEL is a composite panel of fibre reinforced cement, mechanically DURASTEEL is highly resistant to impact and blast, enabling it to withstand Product HistoryInstallation PhotosProducts Data SheetMaterial Safety Data Sheet.

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Calcium Sili e Insulation - Fire protection, thermal and sound

Jun 0, 20 5 Promat Group in thermal insulation, and Promat brands such as PROMATECT with our global strategy based on cost leadership by optimisation DURASTEEL is a composite insulating board made of a calcium sili e core reinforced on both sides by galvanised and perforated steel sheet coverings.

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ADVANTAGES · 60-240 minutes fire protection · Cellulosic and hydrocarbon tested · High impact resistant · Blast resistant · Moisture resistant · Promat-trained


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Promat has worldwide reputation for passive fire protection

May 9, 20 7 “Promat is one of the most complete product ranges available today,” he said. Durasteel is one of Promat& 39;s high spec partition and ceiling board