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Best-Rite Whiteboard Track System - 6& 39; Track and Sliding

6& 39; Track and Sliding Whiteboard Panel system; Featured with optional magnetic whiteboard back panel; Track includes full-length tackable cork strip for even

Clarus Glide - Glass Board System with Sliding Panels Touchboards

Sliding glass board system with concealed hardware have a magnetic finish; /4" tempered safety writing glass; Compatible with any marker, even permanent.

Horizontal Sliding Dry Erase Boards Sliding Whiteboard System

Maximize your presentation surface with our sliding dry erase board This whiteboard features two 4x5& 39; sliding whiteboards with a 4x 0& 39; fixed back board. Whiteboard Cleaner. Hanging Hardware. Capture54.jpg?Revision=qfB and Timestamp=

Secondary surveillance radar

Secondary surveillance radar SSR is a radar system used in air traffic control ATC , that unlike primary radar systems that measure the bearing and distance of targets using the detected reflections of radio signals, relies on targets equipped with a radar transponder, that reply to each interrogation signal by transmitting encoded data such as an identity code, the aircraft& 39;s altitude and .

Automotive design

Interior Trims : Dash board, Door pads, Roof upholstery, Seats etc. The chassis is complete in itself as a road vehicle. It can drive and control itself just as in case of a complete car and therefore, in many motor works, the chassis is usually tested on the road before the complete body of the vehicle is attached as the chassis alone can behave as the propulsion means.

Sliding Systems - Claridge Products

Our thoughtfully designed, solid aluminum slider hardware systems have been If tacking presentation materials is important, consider a magnetic board. White, Light Gray, and Beige for our standard LCS3 Porcelain and Green, Black, and

All Sliding Whiteboard Track System By Best Rite Options Dry

Best-Rite Sliding Whiteboard Track Systems for school or office up to 50% off. Find the best deals on specialty whiteboards from Worthington Direct.

Glide Clarus

Jul 26, 20 8 Glide is the first glassboard system designed to allow sliding glass panels to system, your ideas will be the showcase, instead of mounting hardware. Compatible with any marker, even permanent; Clarus Opti-Clear finish

History of computing hardware

Various spotters on board the ship would relay distance measures and observations to a central plotting station. There the fire direction teams fed in the location, speed and direction of the ship and its target, as well as various adjustments for Coriolis effect , weather effects on the air, and other adjustments; the computer would then output a firing solution, which would be fed to the .

Geometric morphometrics in anthropology

The context sections include: meetings/workshops/course information, software downloads, usable data, bibliography, glossary, people, hardware, and more. The Morphometrics Website : This is a website run by Dennis E. Slice and provides services relating to shape analysis such as the MORPHMET mailing list/discussion group and links to other online resources for geometric morphometrics.


The hardware is based on a Xilinx Virtex FPGA and four custom AHA3601 ASICs. The AHA361/AHA362 boards are limited to only handling static Huffman blocks and require software to be modified to add support — the cards were not able to support the full Deflate specification, meaning they could only reliably decode their own output a stream that did not contain any dynamic Huffman type 2 blocks .

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Make Grainger your first choice for dry erase or white boards and accessories. We have the boards, markers, and erasers you need to get your point across.

Best-Rite 2-Track Panel 8& 39; x 4& 39; Sliding Dry Erase Whiteboard

Includes accessory marker tray and mounting hardware. Specifi ions. Whiteboard Size: 8& 39; W x 4& 39; H; Whiteboard Surface Type: Porcelain steel; Magnetic: Yes

Geometric morphometrics in anthropology

Semilandmarks, also called sliding landmarks, are used when the location of a landmark along a curvature might not be identifiable or repeatable. Semilandmarks were created in order to take landmark based geometric morphometrics to the next step by capturing the shape of difficult areas such as smooth curves and surfaces.

Platinum Visual Systems: Home Boards, Sliding Units and Display

Welcome to Platinum Visual System. Our white boards, marker boards, vinyl, cork and fabric tackboards, sliding units and display cases are made in the USA.

Vertical Sliding Units - LCS3 Porcelain Dry Erase Markerboards

Claridge Products Vertical Sliding Units offer ideal visual communi ion solutions Category: adjustable marker boards marker boards marking boards.

Railroad switch

A railroad car& 39;s wheels are guided along the tracks by coning of the wheels. Only in extreme cases does it rely on the flanges located on the insides of the wheels. When the wheels reach the switch, the wheels are guided along the route determined by which of the two points is connected to the track facing the switch.

Sliding Door Track - Aluminum - 5075 0 - Richelieu Hardware

Glass Whiteboard offers the Executive Series magnetic glass white board for sale online. This dry erase board has a decidedly upscale appearance. Order online


Other insert hardware includes such items as mixer shelves that pull out of a base cabinet and spring into a locked position at counter height. This hardware aids in lifting these somewhat heavy mixers and assists with positioning the unit for use. More and more components are being designed to enable specialized hardware to be used in standard cabinet carcasses.

Miter saw

Sliding compound-miter saw - Sliding miter saws are able to move the saw head back and forth on a sliding rail, similar to a radial arm saw. This increases the size capacity of which a board can be cut. This type of saw can also allow for the locking of the rails to use for strht, pull down cuts like chop saws . With the sliding feature engaged, the user pulls the head forward, turns on .

Gibson Victory

The fret board on Victory Mv& 39;s have Nacre inlay markers, also known as mother of pearl, or oyster shell. It is hard, wear resistant, and iridescent. Gibson Victory fretboards have a 12” radius, which allow string bends to ring cleaner with the action low, for example guitars with a 7.25' radius will buzz or “choke out” if you to bend the strings too far.

Wall Whiteboards Learner Supply

are easy to install and come complete with installation instructions and wall hanging hardware. Many different sizes, materials, and whiteboard frames are available. A magnetic sliding dry erase board with four individual boards is shown.


Furniture: hardware, locks, handles, hinges. Construction: structural glass - pod holder for point; Packaging: aerosol cans, vehicle tanks. Sports: paintball accessories. It is often used for machined parts of paintball markers that do not require the strength of aluminium, such as handles and reciprocating bolts. POM is also used in airsoft .

Best-Rite Manufacturing Horizontal Sliding Dry Erase Board w/ Two

Make the most of limited wall space with Best-Rite& 39;s Horizontal Sliding Dry Erase Board with Two Panels. Two panels sit in tracks so you can easily slide them