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LOHAS 00W LED Chip Warm White Bulb High -

I have documented how I wired it up, how I cooled it with a heatsink and fan, and the power supply I recycled to power the step-up converter I use to get the 30V

Peter Chang artist

Peter Chang 1944–2017 was a British artist known for his distinctive jewelry. He trained as a graphic designer and sculptor at the Liverpool College of Art. He won the Liverpool Senior City Scholarship in 1966 which enabled him to study in Paris at Atelier 17 under S.W. Hayter.

2605 Best Recycled Jewelry and Jewels images in 2020 Recycled

These metal, plastic, foam and rubber parts are combined with semi precious beads and silver findings to create interesting and colorful jewelry which screams I

425 Best Found Recycled Jewellery and Altered Art images Recycled

The most original recycled plastic jewels that I have seen so far “RECYCLE is a new series of jewelry constructed from post-consumer recycled plastic


An angular, contemporary style. Made from waste yoghurt pots by Smile Plastics, this cuff is designed for everyday wear. -Chunky cuff -Gap allows it to be

Polylactic acid

Unlike mechanical recycling, waste material can hold various contaminants. Polylactic acid can be chemically recycled to monomer by thermal depolymerization or hydrolysis. When purified, the monomer can be used for the manufacturing of virgin PLA with no loss of original properties citation needed cradle-to-cradle recycling .

Case goods

A case of some merchandise is a collection of items packaged together. A case is not a strict unit of measure. For consumer foodstuffs such as canned goods, soda, cereal, and such, a case is typically 24 items, however cases may range from 12 to 36, typically in multiples of six.

Luxury packaging

Luxury and specialty packaging is the design, research, development, and manufacturing of packaging, displays, and for luxury brands.The packaging of a luxury product is part of the brand’s image and research shows consumers are willing to spend more on products if the packaging looks appealing and luxurious.

Cool Products Made of Recycled Ocean Plastic Coastal Living

Oct , 20 7 At Etsy shop La Garza Bermuda, discarded ocean plastics from Bermuda& 39;s shores become colorful jewelry pieces. These earrings come in sea-

The best jewellery to invest in now

From a Dior bracelet to a Rolex watch, these glistening pieces are guaranteed to be future heirlooms We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. These glistening pieces are guaranteed to be future heirlooms Shop now Shop now Shop now Shop now Shop now Shop now Sho

Recycle Plastic Bottle Into Earrings Tutorial - Happy Family Art

Recycle Plastic Bottle Into Earrings Tutorial: these earrings are made from a recycled seltzer plastic bottle, they were simple and fun to make.

Metal clay

Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads and small sculptures. Originating in Japan in 1990, metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using molds.


Trashion a portmanteau of 'trash' and 'fashion' is a term for art, jewellery, fashion and objects for the home created from used, thrown-out, found and repurposed elements. The term was first coined in New Zealand in 2004 1 and gained in usage through 2005. 2

& 39;Ghibli& 39; Rectangle recycled Plastic earrings Contemporary Earrings

& 39;Ghibli& 39; Rectangle recycled Plastic earrings by Sue Gregor. Despatched within 2-5 working days NB: These earrings are non-returnable. Please choose :.

New in: eco-friendly jewellery boxes made from recycled plastic

3 Nov 20 9 This blog entry tells you more about plastic recycling, the jewellery boxes, and how they differ from the regular plastic boxes. What is recycled

Yago Eco: Jewellery made from recycled plastic bags for eco lovers

Eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable statement jewellery handmade in London UK from recycled single use carrier bags. Incorporating zero waste practice, this

Plastic Oceanic – Creating a positive impact on Ocean Plastics

Plastic waste is destroying our wonderful oceans But it& 39;s never been easier to help with the clean-up. Buy our products - beautiful jewellery hand made in

Unicef Market Recycled Jewellery - Unicef UK Shop

African MonolithSese Wood Coconut Shell and Plastic Earrings from Ghana £22.99 · Wood beaded necklace, & 39;Desert & 39; - Artisan Crafted Necklace Ghana

Turtle Necklace Recycled Plastic seamonkeyproject

The crew of SY Sea Monkey are on a mission: to save our ocean from choking on plastic pollution. This is The Sea Monkeys story and adventure in the fight to

Jewelry made from recycled ocean plastic — Earth Regarded Travel

Aug 5, 20 9 Make a positive statement and protect our oceans with these bracelets, earrings and other jewelry made from recycled ocean plastic.

Planet Love Life Ghost Fishing Net Bracelet Ocean Plastic Cleanup

Bracelets made from recycled fishing nets and ropes salvaged during beach cleanup projects around the planet. Each bracelet represents a different marine


In plastic recycling, granulation is the process of shredding plastic objects to be recycled into flakes or pellets, suitable for later reuse in plastics extrusion. In the first stage, plastic objects to be recycled are fed to an electric motor-powered cutting chamber, which continually cuts the material using one of several types of cutting systems. Some systems use a scissor-like cutting .

Casting metalworking

In metalworking and jewellery making, casting is a process in which a liquid metal is somehow delivered into a mold usually by a crucible that contains a negative impression i.e., a 3-dimensional negative image of the intended shape.


Hemp jewelry is the product of knotting hemp twine through the practice of macramé. Hemp jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches, and other adornments. Some jewellery features beads made from crystals, glass, stone, wood and bones. The hemp twine varies in thickness and comes in a variety of colors.